Rubbish smokescreens: performance indicators and flytipping

Posted on May 19th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 7 comments

There are statistics and then there are statistics. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is the key to successful decision-making, writes Robert Ward

Performance statistics are the voters’ friend. They help us to judge how well our politicians are doing the job for which they were elected.

For that very reason, politicians and statistics don’t mix well, because politicians want to get (re-)elected. Their … Read More »

Croydon’s street population

Posted on January 27th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Robert Ward goes datablogging again, this time crunching the numbers on our borough’s homeless people

Those of us of a certain age will remember Ralph McTell, best known for his song ‘Streets of London’. Still performing although now in his seventies, McTell, real name Ralph May, was brought up in Croydon.

I remember an interview some years ago in which it was claimed the … Read More »

Datablog: Croydon’s housing market

Posted on September 9th, by Robert Ward in Economics & Business. 1 Comment

Once again, Robert Ward crunches the numbers so that you don’t have to

Housing has been on my mind to examine for some time. What kept me from doing so was not the complexity. It was the opinionated rhetoric.

Look no further than the blog by Councillor Newman, the leader of Croydon Council or Councillor Butler’s press release on landlord licensing for routine landlord-bashing, … Read More »