Croydon elections to the UK Youth Parliament

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What’s in the manifesto? Liberty Martin talks to Croydon Youth representatives, Jonelle Awomoyi and Kofi O. Frimpong

“Democracy is a very, very precious thing because it changes things in a peaceful way”, declared Council Leader Tony Newman before announcing the long-awaited results for the 2016 Croydon UK Youth Parliament elections on Friday 12th February.

Thousands of young Croydonians took part in a democratic process this February … Read More »

We, ‘the people’

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‘The people of Croydon’ want this, ‘the people of Croydon’ want that. Who exactly is being referred to when such statements are made?

Listen in to any Croydon Council meeting and you will hear ‘the people of Croydon’ being invoked. The Class War candidate for Croydon South was also fond of referring to ‘the people’ during the general election campaign, though in the end only … Read More »

How do you trust a politician?

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The growth of online civil society in Croydon is a sign of a coming era of authentic Internet politics, says entrepreneur and new Citizen writer Geoffrey Walters


Which important social relationship links student riots in Athens, mass deprivation in Detroit and the rise of Marine le Pen’s Front National in France? What is the common theme behind falling electoral turnouts, sharp hikes in tuition fees and the secretive money-laundering … Read More »