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What next for Croydon’s re-elected Labour council?

Posted on May 9th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 2 comments

With local election turnout at just 38%, Croydon’s politicians need a change of style

Voter turnout in Croydon was only 38%. It will take a lot of analysis to assess what the results in each ward mean.

Although Labour increased its share of seats to forty-one and retained control of the council, it clearly failed in the knock-up on election day to find the nine extra … Read More »

Who stole Croydon Town Hall?

Posted on September 20th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

A new book explains why ‘cabinet’ government by councils is the end of local democracy as we know it

Over the last year, there has been growing realisation within both the local Conservative and Labour parties that the executive leader and cabinet system for running Croydon Council has major flaws. The key question is whether either party will include in their local election promises next year a … Read More »

Croydon takes centre stage in Gatwick debate

Posted on November 24th, by CronxWire in CronxWire. No Comments

The campaign to create a second runway at Gatwick Airport is being brought to Croydon tomorrow as business leaders hear the case for expansion. 

Release begins: Croydon Council has already come out in support of the proposals, believing that investment in the Sussex airport would be transformational in terms of the huge employment and business opportunities it would create.

Airports Commission chairman Sir Howard Davies has just … Read More »