In defence of Croydon’s street preachers

Posted on July 4th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Jonny Rose plays devil’s advocate to Croydon’s “confrontational” missionaries

You can’t escape them.

From the simpering Jehovah’s Witnesses to the exotic Muslims to the dancing pentecostals, a Saturday amble down Croydon High Street brings you into contact with a frenetic spectrum of street preachers.

Whether they sing it, shout it, or shamefacedly distribute it via pamphlet, each of them is presenting and … Read More »

#GE2020: Seven seismic changes that will shape the next battle for Croydon Central

Posted on May 28th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 2 comments

In the wake of Croydon Central’s bellwether election result, Jonny Rose gives his predictions for the next five years

And, lo, it has come to pass: Croydon Central remains a Conservative ‘hold’.

The battle for Croydon Central was a good one, replete with unflattering selfies, transvestite celebrity endorsements, and exceptional public debate. However, it came at the end of what was a … Read More »

From US to Croydon: The highs and lows of women in tech

Posted on May 19th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City. No Comments

Ahead of Thursday’s ‘women in tech’ event, #Croydon #TechCity leader Jonny Rose assesses the gender balance in his favourite industry

I recently stumbled across some interesting research by the Silicon Valley Bank which found that more women are put in positions of leadership at technology companies in the UK than in the US.

As part of their annual Innovation Economy Outlook survey, … Read More »

Diversity in Croydon’s politics: Just an exercise in point-scoring

Posted on March 19th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Croydon Tech City founder, Jonny Rose, argues that grandstanding by local political parties about how diverse they are objectifies BMEs and reduces them to decorative assets to be shown but never heard

A couple of weeks ago, Croydon Labour group’s AddiscombeFirst tweeted a picture of Conservative MPs and local group members out on the [electoral] pull in Addiscombe: 

The … Read More »