Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the Kingdom of Dirt: a music review

Posted on January 24th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. No Comments

It was the day the world changed, and I went a-rockin’

What to do when Trump’s inauguration is wall to wall on the news channels?

Fortunately for me, the answer was simple: head off to Hoodoo’s for a free night of rock music guaranteed to blow bad thoughts away.

Due to work and other fripperies I wasn’t able to get there in time to catch … Read More »

Should Donald Trump be barred from entering Croydon?

Posted on January 25th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society, Topical. No Comments

Max Shirley looks at a big story from a local perspective

Should we ban a potential US presidential candidate from entering the UK?

Donald J. Trump is a sixty-nine-year-old American business magnate, billionaire, investor and potential Republican candidate in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. He also has blonde, flowing locks, which I can’t take my eyes off. Trump has been in the news quite a bit … Read More »