East Croydon Station

How safe are you on Croydon’s trains?

Posted on April 26th, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Max Shirley has been looking at some crime statistics that might make East Croydon’s commuters uneasy

Since February 2015, 125 crimes have been recorded at East Croydon station. It’s a very busy station indeed: the country’s third busiest non-terminal station with an estimated 71,000 passengers per day embarking, disembarking or changing there, but compared to other stations in the area this crime figure still seems … Read More »

I would make Croydon better by… April 2016

Posted on April 4th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

How could Croydon be improved? We want your suggestions today! Email us at editors@thecroydoncitizen.com

In 2014 we launched a campaign to get your suggestions to make Croydon a better place, and it’s still going strong. From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing concrete, achievable solutions to the town’s problems and we are delighted that so many have responded so positively. We … Read More »

Patience required – the saga of Southern

Posted on March 10th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 12 comments

Ex-railwayman Robert Ward went down memory lane (or should that be line?) at a public meeting on the controversial performance of Southern

If you wanted to hear a man say “sorry” a lot, then the meeting on Croydon’s rail service organised by Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell was the place to be. The man in question was Peter Wilkinson, managing director of the government’s Office … Read More »

Beacons of hope: How I learned to love Croydon’s crane-filled sky

Posted on March 9th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 2 comments

Jonny Rose encourages his fellow Croydonians to look to the heavens for inspiration

It was James Naylor, Editor-in-Chief of the Croydon Citizen who first impressed upon me the importance of looking up when walking around Croydon.

According to James everything you needed to know about Croydon – where it is, where it’s come from and where it’s going – can be seen not by … Read More »

Croydon facelift? Please don’t botch it up.

Posted on February 24th, by Ian Lavis in Economics & Business. No Comments

Ian Lavis takes a look at the woulds, shoulds, could-have-beens and future hopes for the Croydonian urban environment

Imagine a Croydon in which you get a real buzz walking around the streets, checking out the cool buildings, dramatic skyline and inspiring public spaces.

No, I haven’t drunk too much Cronx beer. I’m just a Croydonian with big hopes for what Croydon could be if … Read More »

Get your Citizen here!

Posted on December 9th, by The Croydon Citizen in Site News. 2 comments

Exciting times for the Croydon Citizen, with more copies now available and new dispensers at central Croydon stations

This Christmas the Croydon Citizen celebrates its third birthday and two years since we went into print – and what a three years it’s been. We’ve recruited over 180 keen citizen contributors, distributed an unbelievable 210,000 papers, and gained 60 distribution points right across the borough from Crystal Palace to … Read More »

Occupy Croydon: Reclaiming the borough’s empty shops (part 1)

Posted on December 2nd, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 4 comments

Jonny Rose makes the case for the rise of the pop-up business in Croydon

Croydon has an abandoned shop problem

Norbury is currently suffering from a vacant shopfront problem. There are at least five unused units in London Road and – despite a series of inquiries from enterprising locals – they remain vacant.

This is not a problem unique to Norbury. Across the borough, vacant … Read More »

The Freedom Pass, London, and me

Posted on November 13th, by Stephen Aselford in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Stephen Aselford on a much-loved tool for senior and disabled Croydonians

I have held the disabled persons’ version of the Freedom Pass since 1975. Back then, at weekends I travelled around London visiting friends, and learning how London has developed. I have come to appreciate how the pass can provide a good form of social inclusion – people are enabled to support museums, get involved … Read More »

Boxpark Croydon launch event announced for Thursday 23rd July

Posted on July 17th, by CronxWire in CronxWire. 1 Comment

The team behind Boxpark Shoreditch has announced a presentation of its plans to deliver Boxpark Croydon on a site alongside East Croydon station. 

Release begins: In the beginning there was Boxpark Shoreditch – the world’s first pop-up mall.The brainchild of Roger Wade, creator of British Streetwear brand Boxfresh, Boxpark grew out of his love for the raw power of industrial architecture and his passion for independent brands, which … Read More »

Why every town needs its Croydon Visitor Centre

Posted on May 12th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 2 comments

Croydon Tech City leader Jonny Rose delivers a eulogy to the dearly departed visitor centre

Croydon Visitor Centre has closed for business 

Like many people, I was saddened to see Croydon Visitor Centre close at the beginning of the month.

The visitor centre was an ongoing service provided by Croydon’s Business Improvement District which covers the entire town centre and represents approximately 580 levy payers … Read More »