East Croydon

Croydon is for community, not commuting

Posted on January 4th, by Luke Langlands in Politics & Society. 3 comments

If our town is to retain its identity, we must actively resist becoming just another commuter hub

Croydon’s hard-earned self-determination was achieved through people electing to spend time and money in the borough’s regenerated commercial, cultural and property sectors. However, this community commitment is being undermined by London-centric housing developments that see Croydon as only a ‘base’ to sleep and get easy access to the capital.

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How will we all fit on the trains?

Posted on September 23rd, by Bernadette Fallon in Economics & Business. 13 comments

Bernadette Fallon, on a commuter service full to bursting, has had a troubling thought

I write this, my hand holding the pen in a tight fist just under my neighbour’s armpit, the corner of the page sticking into his shoulder as I balance precariously on three handbags under my feet – no, just joking. The train was too packed to open my bag to get the paper … Read More »