Planting wild flowers at Wandle Park

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Rosie Edser joins the green crowd at the October wildflower planting event at Wandle Park

For those of you who haven’t discovered the little gem that is Wandle Park, it’s a couple of stops from Centrale shopping centre on the tram. If you draw a triangle from Purley Way’s John Lewis to Reeves Corner to the Factory Lane recycling centre, it nestles unexpectedly in the middle, … Read More »

Opportunity to become a Friend of Waddon Ponds offered to locals by Croydon Council

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Croydon Council feels that now is the right time to establish a ‘Friends of Waddon Ponds’ group. It is therefore offering local people the opportunity to work with the council to preserve these important natural assets and work on valuable initiatives such as improving habitats.

Release begins: Waddon Ponds Need You

Waddon Ponds is one of the few places in Croydon where you can see the River Wandle above … Read More »

Why Croydon should be inordinately fond of its stag beetles

Posted on June 10th, by Andy Ellis in Culture. 4 comments

Andy Ellis encourages Croydonians to overcome understandable feelings of alarm and to take care of our local stag beetle population

Around the middle of May I spotted a familiar shape bumbling its way across my lawn. Closer inspection revealed a female, probably in the first days or even hours of her life. This year’s stag beetles have emerged!

Stag beetles are Britain’s largest insect, … Read More »