Ed Miliband

Black praise, white politics: Ed Miliband comes to Croydon

Posted on April 27th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 5 comments

After Ed Miliband – an avowed atheist – visits a Croydon church, local (tech) evangelist Jonny Rose speculates on how the major parties might tap into the BME vote

Engaging the pious and the pigmented

With less than a month until the elections – and the threat of gainful unemployment for many – it’s not surprising to see politicians turn to the Almighty for some … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Labour brings music and Miliband to the campaign trail

Posted on April 23rd, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Close encounters for the second time between our very own Tom Black and the Labour leader

Would I like to interview Ed Miliband again?

Hell yes, I’d like to interview Ed Miliband again.

Those were not my exact words when Tim Longhurst of Croydon Radio let me know the Labour leader was in town and Croydon Radio had been asked if … Read More »

The choice facing Croydon

Posted on April 16th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

The local and national economy on his mind, Conservative Robert Ward explains the process that decided how he’ll cast his vote

Don’t be surprised if your doorbell rings more often than usual over the next few weeks. Arguably the most important and certainly the most difficult to predict general election in a generation approaches. The political parties are fighting for every vote. Canvassers are everywhere … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Seventy days

Posted on February 26th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

After a short sabbatical, Tom Black returns to cast his eye over Croydon’s politics ten weeks before the general election, and to make a special announcement

National issues dominate Croydon’s campaigns as general election looms

Ten weeks from today, Croydonians – and their fellow Britons – will go to the polls and elect a new government. It might look a lot like the current … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Slow cars and slower judicial reviews

Posted on October 23rd, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 7 comments

Tom Black explores one of the ‘hot’ issues dividing Croydon, and prepares to twiddle his thumbs for a while

Is twenty plenty, or merely trendy?

How fast should cars be allowed to drive on residential roads?

If you accept the current situation as fine, then you’d say 30mph.

If you were part of our local governing party, Croydon Labour, you’d say 20mph.

If you … Read More »

The Public Gallery: New battlegrounds, deprivation and my chat with Ed Miliband

Posted on May 8th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Tom Black may have spoken too soon in claiming there were just two wards of interest in this election. This week he re-assesses the evidence, and reports on a new Citizen reader – the Leader of the Opposition

Ashburton and Fairfield campaigners insist it ain’t over ’til it’s over

Have I been too quick to write off the rest of Croydon in TPGs-gone-by? Perhaps.

Read More »

The Public Gallery: Will our local election be decided nationally?

Posted on April 3rd, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 3 comments

As the Croydon Conservatives take flak for not releasing a manifesto yet, Tom Black explores how much the outcome of May’s local elections will depend on what both parties do in Croydon

The theory

For a long time now, I’ve been commenting cryptically that ‘the next local election may be decided nationally’. This is based on the idea that a large proportion of voters … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Is it Labour’s year?

Posted on January 16th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. No Comments

After assessing the Tories’ reasons for optimism last week, Tom Black takes a look at where Labour have cause for cheer – and caution – in 2014

The national picture

There is a growing consensus that the Conservatives are going to have a tougher time than Labour in the run-up to the May elections. Their engineered split over Europe this week may have been defused for … Read More »

The top ten Croydon political Twitter bloopers of 2013

Posted on December 31st, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Croydon Twittersphere staple (and #Croydon #TechCity founder) Jonny Rose renders judgement unto 2013′s most epic fails

Politics is complex, cerebral, emotive and nuanced.

So, naturally, it is best served by being openly discussed in 140 character bursts with a wider public that is bereft of self-restraint, graciousness and full use of their mental faculties.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Party games for riot victims, and the ambitious Mr Pelling

Posted on December 12th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Riot From Wrong screening at Fairfield Halls attended by no Conservatives

Last week, on the same night as the rather wind-ravaged party to celebrate the new bridge at East Croydon, young filmmakers Fully Focused came to the Fairfield Halls for a showing and Q&A of their documentary, Riot From Wrong. The film, which I found to be an exceptionally well-made and thought-provoking piece of work, is reviewed in more detail here … Read More »