Abdul Basit, a Croydon social activist, receives peace award in Delhi, India

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Abdul Basit, a local social activist, has received an award recognising his work in bringing peace and education to communities in the UK and India. 

Release begins: Abdul Basit, a Croydon based social activist and property developer received the BRICS Alliance Forum Peace Award; this prestigious award was given by a five-country forum comprising of (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

The BRICS Alliance event took … Read More »

Are we damaging our children through learning?

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How can we ensure that our children learn more effectively, and have a better quality of life as adults?

There are many ways our society is damaging children’s learning. Among them as discussed at the Croydon Assembly/National Union of Education event on Saturday 24th February are funding cuts, testing, the lowering of qualifications needed by teachers, the adverse effects of increasing poverty and poor housing, the lack … Read More »

Black History event lights up Central Croydon

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David Marino Jr reports on a Black History Month event featuring music, poetry, education and more

Black History Month was in full force in Croydon Saturday, as the Black Cultural Open Day event celebrated African/black culture in a free multimedia presentation featuring music, poetry, education and more.

The event, held at the Project B bar from 2 pm to 7 pm by Black Futures UK, a … Read More »

More cash for Croydon’s schools, but not everybody is happy

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The case for all Croydon politicians to welcome new education funding

As a mother, there are few things I care more about than the quality of our schools in Croydon. Not only do I want the best for my own children, I believe that every child in Croydon is entitled to a great education.

I am not alone in this belief. Poll after poll … Read More »

What do children want from parks?

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A consultation with schoolchildren finds Croydon’s parks to be appealing destinations that could use some improvement

One of the challenges for primary schools is how to incorporate the National Curriculum encouragement to include knowledge and inquiry about the local areas in which they are based. There are many ways in which this can be done including walkabouts, visiting local amenities, and having people come in to talk … Read More »

Do the numbers add up for Croydon grammar schools?

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A modest increase in grammar school places would be good for Croydon

Money set aside in this week’s budget is another step towards more grammar school places for Croydon, as strongly supported by Croydon South’s MP Chris Philp and Steve O’Connell, our local GLA member. This won’t happen any time soon – but the sooner the better for those of us who support a modest increase in … Read More »

St Giles: a very special school indeed

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The unique challenges facing Croydon’s special schools

This year St Giles Special School celebrates 40 years at its site in Pampisford Road, South Croydon. The school started in Thornton Heath as a school for ‘Physically Defective Children’. It then moved to Featherbed Lane in 1933, where it stayed until moving to its current site in 1977. Later this year, St Giles will hold events to celebrate the … Read More »

The case for more free schools in Croydon

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Why Croydon parents should take control of their children’s education

Croydon needs more schools

There is currently a shortage of school places in Croydon.

Croydon Council’s own projections show that Croydon could have a shortage of 2,475 places by 2017. Some schools designed to accept 60 new children each year are now forced to take double that number. The pressure on space means more children are being … Read More »

A positive case for a Croydon grammar school

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With plans for a Croydon example advancing, Robert Ward takes another look at the grammar school debate

Attempting to approach the question of a grammar school for Croydon with an open mind, I was struck by how poor was the case on both sides. Proponents mainly quoted anecdotes about themselves; opponents were incoherent and miss-applied statistics. Locally and nationally this has even more than usual been a … Read More »

Should Croydon even get a new grammar school?

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Changes on the political scene mean that one of Croydon’s perennial topics is back on the agenda

Our new prime minister has indicated that she is minded to authorise new grammar schools. In response, Croydon South MP Chris Philp has written to the Education Secretary requesting funding for new grammar school places in Croydon. Chris has campaigned on this for some time, citing his own … Read More »