electoral reform

Let’s change the way that we elect our council

Posted on August 18th, by Peter Underwood in Politics & Society. 7 comments

Peter Underwood has had it with our electoral system. Frustrated nationally, he has some ideas for how to fix Croydon’s own political system

“Viva la revolución! Liberty or death! Down with… ‘first past the post’?”

It’s not a very common battle cry of freedom, I admit. Voting systems used to be the concern of just academics and political theorists. But all that is starting … Read More »

Voters of Croydon – are you wasting your time?

Posted on August 28th, by Michael Gold in Politics & Society. 12 comments

How many Croydonians will realise, as we head to the polls just nine months from now, that 85% of votes cast are worthless? Too few of us, says Michael Gold

In the UK, 46 million people are registered to vote in parliamentary elections. Sadly, 39 million of those votes (that’s 85%) are worthless! Their chance of making the slightest difference to the outcome? Zero.

The political parties … Read More »