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Staying in the EU is all about control

Posted on February 29th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 14 comments

Robert Ward isn’t sure how he’ll vote in the EU referendum yet, but he knows what issues will determine his choice

We now know how our three Croydon MPs will vote in the forthcoming referendum on our EU membership. They all plan to vote for us to remain, although Chris Philp does so somewhat reluctantly.

None of the three are old enough … Read More »

Print Archive: May 2014 News Magazine – Election 2014

Posted on June 1st, by The Croydon Citizen in Site News. Comments Off

In an election special, the Citizen pits local leaders against each other in a battle for your vote

In local politics, this month is the big one. On 22nd May, who runs our council for the next four years will be decided. It’s likely to be a very close call; the whole election being won or lost (whatever some might protest) in a few key … Read More »

The Public Gallery: What’s Europe ever done for Croydon?

Posted on April 24th, by Robert Evans in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Taking the TPG reins this week is former MEP Robert Evans, who explains why you should vote in next month’s European elections

On the evening of 15th August 1940, the first major air raid in the London area struck Croydon. As nine Hurricanes from 111 Squadron intercepted the bombers, they missed their intended target. That target was Croydon Airfield.

Instead, it was … Read More »