Review: Frivolous Convulsions at TURF Gallery, Whitgift Centre

Posted on February 14th, by Charles Barber in Culture. No Comments

A feast of fantasy and colour enjoyed at the Whitgift Centre’s bold TURF Gallery

As an antidote to a dull, cold winter’s day and the mundane reality of everyday life, I’d warmly recommend TURF Projects’ latest exhibition, Frivolous Convulsions. This riot of fantastical art shows off the work of several artists whose vision is sometimes humorous and sometimes dark and challenging – and, indeed, quite often both. Yet … Read More »

Exhibition review: ‘The Light Within’ at RISE Gallery

Posted on March 1st, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 2 comments

This flashy exhibition means everyone in Croydon can see the light

Discovered in 1898 by William Ramsay and Morris Travers, the inert gas neon, which glows red when electrically excited, soon became used as an advertising medium. However, its initial popularity became its downfall: its ubiquity was seen as tawdry, sleazy, and cheap. How better then, than to celebrate the shift from cutting-edge to edginess, than by … Read More »

Exhibition review: Silence Is So Accurate at Turf Gallery

Posted on February 10th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Silence is golden, the saying goes, and the exhibition looks that way too

There’s a man who works in the Sistine Chapel whose job is to say “shhhhh”. That’s it: it’s all he does. When the tourist chatter gets above a certain level, he’s on: “Shhhhhhhhh!” he goes. And silence falls. For about a minute.

I’ve never come across this in any other church, cathedral, temple … Read More »

Event review: ‘Rum & Reggae’ at Matthews Yard, Friday 13th November

Posted on December 17th, by Katie Rose in Culture. No Comments

On a wintry Croydonian night, ‘Rum & Reggae’ is a ray of sunshine for Katie Rose

The walkway to Matthews Yard is smokin’ as the unmistakable aroma of Bobski’s Big BBQ fills the cold Croydon November air. Despite the wild wind, there is a warm glow around the Yard tonight – in keeping with the ‘Rum & Reggae’ song-shine I am here to enjoy.

Bobski is icing a … Read More »

The story of faces: profile of Croydon artist Nicky Nicholls

Posted on August 5th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 1 Comment

Liz Sheppard-Jones considers the remarkable work and life of Nicky Nicholls

I’ve had the privilege of knowing the artist Nicky Nicholls for almost four years. I was introduced to her by my friend John Reeve, founder and proprietor of the ClickClock art and photography gallery in Katharine Street Croydon, and right at the start he told me a bit about her. Her story sounded both … Read More »