Femme Fierce

Warhol month is coming to Croydon

Posted on February 3rd, by Ian Marvin in Culture. No Comments

How Croydon plans to celebrate Warhol in the thirtieth anniversary year of his death

It’s hard to believe that Croydon’s arts quarter is nearly two years old, its official opening being the street art takeover of St George’s Walk by Femme Fierce in February 2015. Since then, Croydon has become a destination for aficionados of this often ephemeral art form, with articles appearing in both local and … Read More »

A beginner’s guide to Croydon’s street art

Posted on December 15th, by Maddy Duxbury in Culture. No Comments

A newcomer to the street art of Croydon gets up-to-speed with the help of Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison

Recently hailed as ‘the new capital of street art’ by the Evening Standard, it seems that word of the flourishing arts scene that Croydon locals are so familiar with is spreading.

My current knowledge of street art (worryingly) comes largely from my Telegraph-reading mother (the life and works of Mr … Read More »

The world is ready for the National Trust’s tours of Croydon

Posted on July 20th, by Taylan Tahir in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Taylan Tahir reveals why the National Trust is swapping cream teas for concrete

Cruising along in a pristine green 1960s Routemaster bus over a futuristic, sweeping flyover also imagined in the 60s gave a small insight into the optimistic vision of Croydon’s post-war Utopia. Speeding over the high street, past the midriff of gleaming towers, we see the fluid, glimmering reflection of sky and urban life: quite … Read More »

Event review: It Began On The Walls: the Banksy retrospective at Rise Gallery

Posted on August 7th, by Katie Rose in Culture. 4 comments

A 400% increase in footfall in St George’s Walk – that’s the power of art. Katie Rose finds out more

“Wtf is this doing in Croydon?”. Niroshan, lead singer of Croydon band Reptiles, is clearly as surprised as I am to find myself at an exclusive preview of a high-profile collection of Banksy artworks on display at RISE Gallery on a warm July evening.

“I’m just … Read More »

Has St George’s Walk become the epicentre of Croydon’s independent arts revival?

Posted on June 18th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 2 comments

Jonny Rose looks back on the year that St George’s Walk broke

As I write this, it is almost a year ago to the day that Andrew Dickinson could be found lamenting the state of St George’s Walk in these very pages:

“This should have been Park Place, a new retail and leisure hub [...] for people to enjoy a café culture lifestyle, and … Read More »

I would make Croydon better by… May 2015

Posted on May 5th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

How could Croydon be improved? We want your suggestions today! Email us at editors@thecroydoncitizen.com


Last year we launched a campaign to get your suggestions to make Croydon a better place. Why? From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing concrete, achievable solutions to the town’s problems. We want to involve readers on a larger scale than ever and give everyone the chance … Read More »

Croydon: Let’s paint the town red. And blue. And green.

Posted on April 24th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 5 comments

After recently taking on Croydon’s miserablists, Jonny Rose wonders if a makeover could help

Our environment affects our mood

Since the earliest times, humans have needed to be sensitive to their surroundings to survive.

Fast forward to modern times and we continue to retain that innate awareness: instinctively seeking out environments with certain qualities or to achieve certain aims.

The environment … Read More »

Print Archive: March 2015 News Magazine – Educating Tech City

Posted on April 16th, by The Croydon Citizen in Site News. No Comments

March 2015′s issue lifts the lid on Croydon Tech City and its efforts to make the next generation into coders

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Minimal graffiti

Posted on March 23rd, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture, Topical. No Comments

From graffiti to street art: Andrew Dickinson has noticed a welcome change in Croydon

Graffiti once seemed omnipresent and unstoppable, and tackling it was a significant, costly issue, so where has all Croydon’s graffiti gone? It used to be that wherever you looked there was a squiggle – or tag, to give it its proper name. On bus shelters, post boxes, doors and walls, it … Read More »

Inclusive art for all: Art Halo project launches at RISE gallery

Posted on March 12th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. No Comments

Who will be Croydon’s next big artist? Bernadette Fallon explains how it could be you

RISE gallery in Croydon has done many good things during its short time in the borough. Since its opening last October, owner Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison has created an art space Croydon can be proud of, showcasing doyens of the art world like Banksy and Damien Hirst alongside up-and-coming artists and graduates … Read More »