Croydon College setting for ‘sci fi’ movie

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Croydon, the unlikely setting for scenes in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Criminal (2015), will now be home to the crowd-funded sci fi film, Kosmos. Croydon College will double as a hospital in the film, and students will be allowed on set for the opportunity to learn from the film-makers.

Release begins: Croydon College’s campus, in East Croydon is the unlikely setting for another movie, this time it’s a sci … Read More »

Print Archive: October 2014 News Magazine – Happening here

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Croydon’s thriving events scene was explored in this print edition of the Citizen – read it online now

It should come as a surprise to no one that Croydon, with its claims to being the birthplace of major figures in art, music, and cinema, should have a thriving cultural scene. But even Croydon’s most switched-on citizens may not know that not just one but two film festivals … Read More »

Croydon International Film Festival

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This autumn, Croydon will host its second International Film Festival at Matthew’s Yard. Donna Lipowitz shares her excitement, hopes and dreams

Last year, the artist Benjamin Bridges and I were searching for somewhere to screen a film we made together. To our delight we discovered Matthews Yard and met some amazing people (including Alice Cretney of Turf Projects) who helped us with the tech, screening, promotion and … Read More »

South Norwood and Thornton Heath Free Film Festival

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The organisers of the South Norwood and Thornton Heath Film Festival want to bring something different to local film fans, as Marek Slodkowski explains

Do you love film? People really love films, don’t they? Films can entertain us, they can make us cry, make us think differently or just make us laugh. It’s something you can do on your own, and something you can share with your … Read More »

Croydonian in the spotlight: Adam Pearson

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Adam Pearson – writer, actor, and Croydonian – discusses the success of the sci-fi horror film Under The Skin and his home town

Adam Pearson is certainly a recognisable face, though perhaps more for his regular TV work these days rather than the neurofibromyalgia which has given him prominent facial disfigurement. Taking time out from casting the new season of The Undateables, he reflected on the … Read More »

Review: Riot or Wrong?

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Liz Sheppard-Jones searches for connections at the West Croydon screening of a well-made and important film

‘Riot from Wrong’ is a film made by Fully Focussed. The showing, put on by Croydon Xpress at 4.30pm on Friday September 20th at the Croydon Voluntary Action Centre on Broad Green’s London Road was the film’s 77th screening. It’s been shown in the House of Commons, around the country … Read More »