First World War commemoration

Croydon and WWI’s Sinai & Palestine Campaign

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A century on from events in the Levant that changed the world, we should remember the role played by Croydonians

Alan Tegetmeier, London Regiment, worked as a secretary before the war. He was killed on 8th December 1917, outside Jerusalem. He was 26 years-old. Photo owned by Museum of Croydon, used with permission.

Frederick Warren of Thornton Heath fell fighting in the hills outside Jerusalem on 21st December 1917. Before … Read More »

Looking back on wartime Croydon in 1917

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How did the First World War impact on daily life in Croydon?

We are now into the third full year of the remembrance of the Great War. Croydon’s estimated population in June 1917 was 186,917, an increase from 169,551 since 1911. Whatever the difficulties experienced during wartime, the council continued its work as is shown in the Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for 1917. … Read More »

Kaiser Wilhelm’s great-great-grandson to attend Croydon’s Silent Night carols

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Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia, great-great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II, will visit Croydon next week (Tuesday 9th December) to deliver a timely message. 

Release begins: It was under the orders of his great-great-grandfather that the German army went to war in August 1914. A century later, Prince Kiril will bring a message of peace and reconciliation to Silent Night Carols – a commemorative carol service, remembering WW1 and the Christmas Truce of … Read More »

Croydon’s young singers tune in for choral premiere

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Hundreds of young singers from Croydon will raise their voices this November for the première of a major new choral work commemorating the centenary of World War 1.

Release begins: For an unknown soldier by internationally-acclaimed composer Jonathan Dove is the centrepiece of an ambitious community and educational programme devised by London Mozart Players, one of the UK’s finest ensembles and Croydon’s resident orchestra.

The new work was … Read More »

What was Croydon like in 1914?

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As the nation marks one hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War, Sean Creighton investigates Croydon in 1914

The Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for 1914 gives us a fascinating picture of the county borough.

Croydon a century ago did not cover the same area as now – in fact, 1914 is a key year of change in … Read More »