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Do Croydon’s children and young people have enough space at home?

Posted on May 4th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Some Croydon families face space restrictions described as ‘frightening’

“In cramped homes, children are stuck in hostile environments… When a child is indoors, sound reverberates off walls. Small rooms do not provide the space to make large focal changes to strengthen muscles around the eyes.”

The above quotation is from Charlotte Davies, founder and director of Croydon’s Fit2Learn company which specialises in holistic human development. It is … Read More »

Why the learning revolution starts in Croydon

Posted on June 23rd, by Charlotte Davies in Politics & Society. No Comments

Charlotte Davies wants to make Croydon a centre of excellence for understanding how people learn and behave

Fit 2 Learn is a Croydon-based community interest company that seeks to empower communities and individuals through understanding how to make everyone an effective learner. Our approach involves using new technology to capture data about people’s physiology and changes to that physiology in order to fine-tune people’s control over their muscles, … Read More »