Flood risk Croydon

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Sean Creighton is unimpressed with the council’s flood plans, and feels a new government review means they must be urgently re-examined

Croydon is one of many local planning authorities which is not taking seriously the growing problems of flooding. Nor is it taking into account issues of surface water drainage when approving planning applications.

Croydon is obsessed with accepting outline instead of full applications, … Read More »

Print Archive: April 2014 News Magazine – Croydon underwater

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In this issue, the Citizen looks at the 2014 Croydon floods, the economy of #Croydon #TechCity and the David Lean Cinema

Happily and not too surprisingly, this month’s cover image did not come to pass, but there’s no denying that flooding was a big issue for Croydonians. Homes were evacuated, transport connections were cut off and a spontaneous lake appeared in Purley, complete with its own personality … Read More »

Climate change comes to Croydon: flooding and my fears for the future

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Clive Farndon, co-ordinator of Croydon Greenpeace, reflects on how global warming made itself felt locally – with a vengeance

I cannot believe it’s not raining. I am actually sitting at the bus stop bathed in warm sunshine.

It has rained and rained and rained until I thought it could not possibly rain any more – not just here in Croydon but across the country. … Read More »

Floods show the best of Croydon

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Ben Flook looks for the bright side and uncovers Croydon’s community spirit in the response to the floods

The spectacle of flooded streets, sandbags and road closures has, rather unfortunately, become commonplace in many parts of Britain over the last few weeks. The wettest winter in two and a half centuries and some of the worst flooding in decades continues the trend of extreme weather … Read More »