Five years in the life of an extraordinary borough

Posted on November 9th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 4 comments

The Citizen‘s General Manager looks back on the Croydon that the Citizen was born into, and the one that it now inhabits

What a difference half a decade makes. Five years ago, I lived in Coulsdon, was perpetually single, and the idea of Westfield coming to Croydon was little more than a pipe dream. Now, I live in Balham.

The long-awaited bulldozers might not yet have … Read More »

The de-gentrification of West Croydon

Posted on October 25th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 8 comments

It can work both ways

Gentrification: good thing or bad thing? You choose.

In the blue corner: isn’t Croydon starting to look nice? Nothing’s unaffordable – it’s just that different people can afford things now. Sure, it’s rough on some, but better than the old days when everywhere looked a bit rough. It’s the price of progress. Anyway, our houses are worth six times what we paid. … Read More »

Rubbish smokescreens: performance indicators and flytipping

Posted on May 19th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 7 comments

There are statistics and then there are statistics. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is the key to successful decision-making, writes Robert Ward

Performance statistics are the voters’ friend. They help us to judge how well our politicians are doing the job for which they were elected.

For that very reason, politicians and statistics don’t mix well, because politicians want to get (re-)elected. Their … Read More »

The first casualty of office is transparency

Posted on March 15th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Despite promises of the opposite, Croydon Council is quietly becoming more opaque, writes Robert Ward

So, the Fairfield Halls will close and the staff will be made redundant. No big surprise there – the council held all of the cards so this was always the likely outcome. Whether it is the right decision or not, time will tell. Now we just have to make the … Read More »

Croydon’s fly-tipping performance in 2015

Posted on February 2nd, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. No Comments

Robert Ward and his graphs return on his favourite subject – just how well is Croydon Labour faring on its flagship environmental pledge? The answer has got a little more murky

When is a flytip not a flytip? When it’s an unconfirmed flytip, apparently. That there might be a difference was not apparent until March 2015. Till then, only reported flytips appeared in council statistics … Read More »

Are we there yet? Measuring success in reducing flytipping

Posted on April 30th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Robert Ward has been keeping an eye on the flytipping statistics, and has found somewhat promising results

There’s one easy thing about setting out to climb Everest. When it’s all over you know whether you succeeded. Either the team will have stood on the top of the world and got back home safely or they won’t. Measuring the success of the project is … Read More »

Croydon tackles flytipping – a progress report

Posted on February 18th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. No Comments

We all want cleaner streets. Robert Ward listened in as the council grappled with flytipping

For those of us with an interest in the vexed subject of fly-tipping, these are interesting times. A Croydon Council press release was followed up with a cabinet discussion in January. Since fly-tipping was a big issue in the last year’s council elections, I thought a review was due so … Read More »