Print Archive: November 2014 News Magazine – When?

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Westfield’s delay to 2019 challenged a number of assumptions about Croydon’s future. This edition of the Citizen explored what’s next

For some time now, where the future of Croydon is concerned, one topic of conversation dominates all others: “I hear Westfield is coming to Croydon”,”When Westfield comes….” or “Did you know that they’re going to build the third Westfield in Croydon? I know, right?” In … Read More »

Futsal: Free-flowing fun whatever the weather

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The Croydon Citizen’s resident sportswriter, Nadim Lilani, takes a break from Selhurst Park’s windswept terraces to investigate a South American import

Futsal. An intriguing sport. One which I never automatically associated with Croydon – before last week, that is. Astros clean and hopes high, I set off to Streatham to play an hour-long session.

Fully-fledged international footballers such as Andres Iniesta, Neymar and Ronaldo (he of … Read More »