Gareth Davies

RIP the Croydon Advertiser – I can’t say that I am surprised

Posted on August 1st, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Jonny Rose carries out the post mortem after Gareth Davies’ announcement of the Croydon Advertiser’s untimely demise

“It is the duty of a newspaper to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”
– words inspired by Finley Peter Dunne

A year ago, I wrote a piece called ‘Did the general election just prove that Croydon’s media doesn’t matter?‘, in which my basic thesis was that … Read More »

The Public Gallery: from Cherry Orchard Road to Westminster and Hong Kong

Posted on December 4th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

In a packed week, Tom Black has a lot to digest in his weekly round-up of the big political stories

The council tax freeze, 2015, and you

The leader of Croydon Council, Labour’s Cllr Tony Newman, announced to a full council meeting on Monday that Labour’s manifesto pledge to freeze council tax for 2015/16 would be kept. The announcement was met with cheers from … Read More »

The Public Gallery: What exactly is going to happen to Croydon’s playing fields?

Posted on November 20th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 8 comments

Tom Black tries to get to the bottom of a freshly-spun controversy engulfing Katharine Street

What the papers say

So what’s going on?

Croydon Labour, which currently runs Croydon Council, is denying it has a plan to sell off Croydon’s school playing fields. This, at least, seems accurate – initial hysterical reports (many of which came from vested interests) gave the impression that … Read More »

The Public Gallery: How our MPs have changed the law

Posted on February 20th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Tired of complaining about the council, Tom Black takes a look at some of the changes our MPs have brought about

It’s easy to have a pop at our MPs, or accuse them of this, that and the other. Indeed, the right to hold them to account is an integral part of our democracy. I hope readers of TPG know that it’s a … Read More »

The Public Gallery: What are full council meetings actually for?

Posted on January 30th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 5 comments

After another sorry display in the Council Chamber, Tom Black ponders what it’s all in aid of

Punch and Judy are back: with a vengeance

Did you have a good Christmas break? Did you have a pleasant rest? Did you come back to work full of good cheer? I don’t think the council did.

I wasn’t at this week’s full council meeting, but … Read More »