Event review: Graffiti art workshop at RISE Gallery

Posted on December 19th, by Rufus Jones in Culture. No Comments

A lesson from a well-known artist, then a chance to work on Croydon’s free graffiti wall

Is all graffiti vandalism? 34% of the British public would still agree that it is, a YouGov poll has shown. But for two-thirds of people to see it in a positive light is a big change. Historically it was frowned upon, with the most popular argument against it being that it’s … Read More »

A festival not quite on my doorstep (part one)

Posted on November 25th, by Rob Mayo in Culture. 3 comments

In this first in a four-part series, the Croydon Citizen’s very own foreign correspondent in Watford gives us an outsider’s perspective on October’s Cherry Orchard’s Arts Festival, and why Croydon is more than a car park

Bear with me. This is my first piece of investigative journalism – I’m not a Croydon native, have never lived here, and in fact hail from Croydon’s mirror image … Read More »