Green space

The potential benefits of our controversial green spaces

Posted on December 12th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 3 comments

The second in a series of posts about the importance of Croydon’s parks and open spaces

Both political parties are currently preparing their election manifestos. It would be good to see them both include the following promises:

Firstly, that they both commit to not sell any open space and parks to developers, including the council’s own Brick by Brick development company.

Secondly, that in future … Read More »

What Croydon stands to gain from Greater London becoming a National Park City

Posted on January 17th, by Beth Collier in Culture. 1 Comment

Green spaces, wildlife, inquisitive residents: Croydon’s got everything that it needs to benefit from this world-changing initiative

The campaign to make Greater London the world’s first National Park City is a grassroots movement which has captured the imagination of the capital. Over 85% of polled Londoners and Mayor Sadiq Khan support its aims to connect more of us with nature, make the majority of London green and … Read More »