Guildhouse Rosepride

What’s going on at 1 Lansdowne Road?

Posted on October 4th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Sean Creighton takes a closer look at the planning arrangements for some of Croydon’s shiniest potential developments

The problems that local trader Bobski’s faced as discussed by Tom Black were with Guildhouse Rosepride, the owners of the Pumphouse and Exchange Square.

The company is involved with its parent company Guildhouse in the controversial 1 Lansdowne Road scheme with the China Building Technique Group Co, which was … Read More »

The changers of Croydon need businesses like Bobski’s Kitchen

Posted on September 30th, by Tom Black in Economics & Business. 3 comments

A brush with death for a local culinary favourite raises long-term questions about the shape of the Croydon to come

The sign pictured above caused a storm when it appeared both physically and across Croydon’s Twittersphere last week. It’s easy to see why – a Croydonian starting a small business, one that brings delicious and oh-so-chic street food to our town centre, no less – then being … Read More »

News in brief summer 2016

Posted on September 5th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big stories of the summer, summarised for your convenience by the Citizen team

Croydon voted to remain in the European Union

The debate over staying in or leaving the EU raged across the UK in the first half of this year, and Croydon saw its share of skirmishes between the campaigns. Street stalls from all sides were regularly present, with non-political groups also holding events to discuss … Read More »