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News in brief February 2016

Posted on March 7th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big Croydon news stories from February 2016, summarised for your convenience

Controversy surrounded the Tiger Tiger nightclub closure

The closure of Croydon’s well-known Tiger Tiger nightclub was met with regret and nostalgia, as reported in the London Evening Standard but was welcomed by others. Quoted in the Croydon Advertiser, Zack Rodney, owner of the Granaries, described the closure as “the best thing that ever … Read More »

Croydon looks east for its next big party

Posted on January 29th, by Charles Barber in Culture. 2 comments

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year in Croydon, says Charles Barber

Over the weekend of Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th February, Croydon will stage a celebration of the Arts and Chinese New Year. We hope that you’ll want to join in.

This Chinese New Year celebration has been coordinated by *protected email* and was initially inspired by the Whitgift Centre‘s artist-in-residence, Hale Man, who has created a large copper sculpture called … Read More »

What can China teach our children for Chinese New Year?

Posted on January 26th, by Charlotte Davies in Culture. 2 comments

Chinese children are exceptionally high achievers. Charlotte Davies suggests ways to help our children to learn from this culture

Croydon will have its first Chinese New Year parade on Sunday 7th February, starting from the Whitgift Centre and finishing at Fairfield Halls. It is organised by Hale Man, artist-in-residence at the Whitgift Centre; who has created a phoenix sculpture to represent the communities of Croydon … Read More »

Celebrity interview: Private Eye cartoonist Barry Fantoni returns to Croydon, Saturday 27th June

Posted on July 3rd, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Un-drawing, undressing and hot-desking in Sixties Soho – Liz Sheppard-Jones listens and regrets an unpopped question

Barry Fantoni returned to Croydon on Saturday 27th June. It had been a while.

In the fifty or so years since he taught at Croydon School of Art, he’s done OK: Private Eye magazine and the Times’s celebrated cartoonist, artist on the BBC TV series ‘That Was The Week That … Read More »

Has St George’s Walk become the epicentre of Croydon’s independent arts revival?

Posted on June 18th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 2 comments

Jonny Rose looks back on the year that St George’s Walk broke

As I write this, it is almost a year ago to the day that Andrew Dickinson could be found lamenting the state of St George’s Walk in these very pages:

“This should have been Park Place, a new retail and leisure hub [...] for people to enjoy a café culture lifestyle, and … Read More »

Private Eye cartoonist giving talk in Croydon

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As part of Croydon Heritage Festival’s celebration of famous people in Croydon, an audience with Private Eye magazine’s celebrated cartoonist Barry Fantoni is being hosted by Hale Man, artist in residence at her ground floor artist studio in the Whitgift Centre. 

Release begins: The  event, ‘An audience with Barry Fantoni’, will be held on Saturday 27th June, 2:00pm  -5:00pm.

From 2:00pm – 3:00 pm, Barry Fantoni will … Read More »

Discover Chinese art and culture at Hale Man’s art studio in the Whitgift Centre

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On Saturday 28th March artist Hale Man will welcome guests to her studio in the Whitgift Centre as part of her Croydon art project, Elements of Transformation.

Release begins: Immerse yourself in the space that celebrates Chinese Feng Shui’s, ‘Five Elements’ and Hale Man’s interpretation of transformation, through her visual artworks and paintings together with her special guests from China to explore this theme through Chinese songs, Chinese … Read More »

Happy Chinese New Year, Croydon! Love from Hale Man, artist-in-residence

Posted on February 27th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Liz Sheppard-Jones has a go at visualising Croydon’s Five Elements of Transformation – water, earth, wood, metal and fire

The Whitgift Centre‘s artist-in-residence, Hale Man, hosted her artistic celebration of Chinese New Year on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February, with workshops and guided tours in her ground floor studio, close to the centre’s information point. On Sunday afternoon, I took a tour as part of a … Read More »

Print Archive: January 2015 News Magazine – Phoenix rising

Posted on February 11th, by The Croydon Citizen in Site News. No Comments

The Citizen’s first edition of 2015 explored Croydon’s burgeoning arts scene, political hot topics, local recipes and more

Download this edition here.

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Artist Hale Man in the Whitgift Centre: where creativity and commerce meet

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Bernadette Fallon finds fire, earth, metal, wood and water in the Whitgift Centre

Would you expect to find an artist in a shopping centre? Probably not.

But that’s where I find Hale Man, tucked away in the Whitgift Centre, behind the metal grid door and several large plate glass windows of a hitherto empty retail unit, working on six-foot tall canvases depicting the five … Read More »