Event review: the Whitgift School’s production of Hamlet, Sunday 4th-Saturday 10th December 2016

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A student production which bardly goes where few school plays have gone before

One has to admire the gumption and courage of a school which takes on one of the most famous plays in English theatrical history, one which is so well known and has had so many famous performances. Hamlet is also a very long play and it says much for the production of this Shakespearean … Read More »

“Theatre Utopia has finally produced a play that I like”: a review of Method in Madness

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The third time’s the charm for Theatre Utopia and Jonny Rose

They did it. They finally did.

After being suckered by Stan and left bemused by Black Beauty in Irons, Theatre Utopia has finally done it – produced a play that I like.

Life imitates art, art becomes life

Method in Madness takes place in London in 1941, and follows a young Hollywood … Read More »