Croydon Saffron Central will feature on BBC Radio 4′s Food Programme this Sunday, 28th January

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Croydon’s urban saffron farm will be on the airwaves again this weekend

This Sunday Yasmin Khan, who was born in Croydon, presents a very special programme called Britain’s Secret Saffron Story for The Food Programme on the BBC’s Radio 4. I was lucky enough to be interviewed just before Christmas at Broadcasting House and shared all that I knew, as best I could, on Croydon’s connection to the saffron … Read More »

Fire! Commemorating 150 years since Croydon church burnt down

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One January night in 1867, a beautiful Croydon building dating back to Saxon times was destroyed in just a few hours

On Saturday 5th January 1867, a terrible fire raged through Croydon’s ancient parish church, reducing it to a broken shell in a single night. It was a fire which, according to accounts of the time, could have been put out, had it not been for a … Read More »

The time-travelling tram comes to Croydon Town Centre

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Put £1.50 on your Oyster and it’s off to the Middle Ages. How Croydon gave H. G. Wells something to think about

What’s not to like about trams? That also sums up how I feel about the Croydon Heritage Festival, back for its third (already!) year in just three days’ time, and launching with Heritage Day on Saturday 20th June in the town centre. They’re definitely … Read More »

Council admits that Croydon’s heritage has been significantly compromised

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Croydon Council planners admit that our borough’s heritage has been significantly compromised over recent decades, says Sean Creighton

This admission appears in the document ‘Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report. Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review‘, the consultation period for which closed on July 30th 2014.

They cite as an example the bulky, deep plan, high rise modern buildings around the Grade I listed church … Read More »

How far have we come? Slavery, civil rights and contemporary racism

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Sean Creighton explains the linked Croydon Radical History events in Croydon Heritage Festival

Back in 1971 the reggae group The Greyhound had a hit with ‘Black & White’. The song by David I Arkin, who wrote the lyrics, and Earl Robinson, who created the music, was inspired by the 1954 United States Supreme Court decision that outlawed racial segregation of public schools, an important milestone … Read More »

Croydon Airport Society to unveil ‘Tom’s sign’

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‘Tom’s sign’ depicts the history of Croydon Airport and will be unveiled at the beginning of May in the airport’s former site at Roundshaw Downs.

Release begins: “A new pictorial sign illustrating the fascinating history of Croydon Airport is to be placed on the former airport site which is now Roundshaw Downs. Originally proposed by the late Tom Samson, a local man who was a prominent photographer, scoutmaster, and … Read More »