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Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and the Croydon music scene

Posted on July 8th, by Sean Creighton in Culture. No Comments

Even as he found national fame, Croydon’s celebrated composer didn’t forget his roots, as Sean Creighton finds out

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), Croydon’s famous African-British composer, was taught music as a child and young teenager by his grandfather Benjamin Holmans, his headmaster at the Croydon British Boys’ School, Herbert Walters, by the choir master at St George’s Presbyterian church, and by Joseph Beckwith, a local violin teacher.

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In life and death, was Samuel Coleridge-Taylor just a victim of racism?

Posted on April 7th, by Gareth Endean in Culture. 3 comments

Wheeled out for Black History Month, then forgotten again. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor deserves better, says Gareth Endean

Take a stroll down Charles Street, an otherwise unremarkable road in Croydon’s old town, and you’ll reach a curious sculpture depicting three of Croydon’s most famous residents. The figures, as voted for by the public, are the recently-deceased comedian Ronnie Corbett, celebrated actor Dame Peggy Ashcroft and composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

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