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Historic England awards Croydon airport Grade II* listed heritage status

Posted on May 31st, by Ian Walker in Culture. 1 Comment

Exciting progress as Croydon’s centre of aviation and technological heritage raises its profile

On May 5th 2017, Historic England announced that protected listed building status of Croydon historic airport at Airport House, Purley Way, has been upgraded to Grade II*. Grade II* is the second highest statutory listing achievable. It is awarded to only 5.8% of the 400,000 important historic places listed in the … Read More »

Will Croydon Council sell off more of its historic assets?

Posted on August 8th, by Sean Creighton in History. No Comments

Sean Creighton surveys a national picture of heritage that isn’t pretty. He hopes that Croydon bucks the trend

The pre-May 2014 Croydon administration sold part of the Riesco collection. The current administration has not adopted a policy that there will be no further sale of items while it is in office, nor has it set up an investigation to review the idea from several years ago to … Read More »