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Help us learn more about the growing #Croydon #TechCity community

Posted on September 5th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City, Topical. No Comments

The #Croydon #TechCity founder makes you an offer you can’t refuse

Croydon Tech City is growing

You don’t need me to tell you that Croydon Tech City is growing.

Even whilst the team is on its customary summer recess, the effects of our (and the community’s) work continues to be felt across a borough whose newfound tech credentials have recently led to a 38% surge … Read More »

Chief Technology Officer for the Home Office to keynote #Croydon #TechCity 2017 launch

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The new year starts with a bang for #Croydon #TechCity

It is my great pleasure to announce that Sarah Wilkinson, Chief Digital, Data and Technology Officer at the Home Office, and the woman charged with driving the government’s technology strategy, will keynote the Croydon Tech City 2017 launch on Thursday 26th January, 7pm at TMRW Hub.

The woman at the centre of the government’s tech strategy

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October 2016 in brief

Posted on November 8th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big news stories of last month, summarised by the Citizen team

Food and drink hub Boxpark opens

The shipping container-based development finally opened its doors at the end of October. Featuring more than thirty bars, coffee shops, restaurants and other assorted eateries, the large development next to East Croydon station began with a two-day launch party, the thumping bass of which could be felt on East Croydon’s … Read More »

The ‘cool kids’ are taking a shine to Croydon again

Posted on September 6th, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. No Comments

The Citizen’s Editor-in-Chief and founder of Croydon Tours takes a sceptical look at Croydon’s newfound trendiness

There actually being a Croydon National Trust guidebook, it is safe to say, would be a dream come true for me. One of the things that I enjoy boring my friends, media pundits, fellow editors, writers, and just about anyone that will listen with is that Croydon is a lot more … Read More »

Office conversions need to stop

Posted on August 12th, by James Naylor in Economics & Business. 12 comments

The extension of Permitted Development Rights (PDR) to offices has transformed Croydon at a speed not seen since the ’60s. But now – as then – it’s getting out of control

In the 2012/2013 financial year, Central Croydon was sporting office vacancy rates worse than central Detroit. A quite astounding 52% of available space was empty; literally millions of square feet of unused space, including thirty-five entirely vacant buildings.

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Central government does nothing for Croydon

Posted on April 22nd, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. No Comments

Neglected, screwed-over – Croydon’s history with central government is not a happy one, says James Naylor. What does that mean for the election?

In the 19th century, Croydon was the largest place in Britain not to be a county borough, failing to be granted the status until 1889, after which it had already exploded in size and commercial importance. Today, it is the largest … Read More »