Healthwatch Croydon calls for GP practices to work more closely with homeless people

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Croydon’s street homeless need better support from GPs, says a new report from Healthwatch Croydon 

Release begins: Croydon GP practices need to work better with street homeless people to deliver the care they need according to report by Healthwatch Croydon.

The study, Street Homeless Experience of Health Services in Croydon, published today, recorded the experiences of street homeless people who have become members of Crisis in Croydon. It found … Read More »

Supporting Croydon’s homeless people with the Salvation Army

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How volunteering at Croydon’s the Well project has led to a greater understanding of what it means to be human

The Well is the name of an inspirational homeless project run by the Salvation Army (S/A), in conjunction with other services, every Monday out of the S/A community hall in Croydon. The Well was brought into being by an ex-homeless person teaming up with the S/A to … Read More »

Croydon needs housing for the many, not the few

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How Croydon’s Labour council is working to end homelessness and bring new, affordable homes to the borough

In January 2017, I found myself homeless. I was twenty-five, working what amounted to part-time hours and had nowhere to stay. This is the position that – shockingly – a fifth of young people in the UK find themselves in. Along with these people, I was one of … Read More »

The Croydon Conservatives’ voluntary tax proposals are an appeal to a better nature that Croydonians simply don’t have

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It’s a noble idea, but it probably won’t work, and Croydonians can already give their money and time to help the homeless more directly

In advance of this year’s council elections, the Croydon Conservatives have proposed introducing a voluntary tax for those living in Band H homes to pay to support the borough’s homeless.

Voluntary taxes relying on the goodwill of the affluent is … Read More »

CRZero 2020: how can we end homelessness in Croydon?

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Getting to know and understand homeless people means that we can offer them the help that they really need

Like most residents of the borough, I’m aware of the increase in street homelessness over the last couple of years. What most of us don’t realise is that the majority of those living on the streets are supported back into housing relatively quickly. However, there is … Read More »

A very real housing crisis

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Labour’s Deputy Leader of Croydon Council raises the root causes behind homelessness, and what’s being done about them

Homes, homes, homes – a bit of a buzzword at the moment, with the government pledging different amounts of money for different things, or sometimes the same money for different things. However, what is lacking is the withdrawal of polices which are doing so much harm in … Read More »

Smoothing the way for Croydon’s rough sleepers

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Good news for Croydon’s homeless, and the agencies that support them

Just before Christmas, Croydon was given the uplifting news that it would be a significant beneficiary of the government’s £50 million grant to tackle homelessness across the UK.

The prime minster made the announcement on 21st December as she unveiled the government’s plans for new homelessness prevention schemes, including targeted support for those at risk … Read More »

Down but not out – it’s time for our borough to take a lead on homelessness

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Pancho Lewis is looking for Croydonian households which could take in a family that’s hit hard times

This month we’re calling on residents in Croydon borough to be part of something genuinely new and innovative. We’re on the hunt for homeowners who can act as host families for FairBnB – a scheme to tackle homelessness before it happens by harnessing goodwill.

The FairBnB concept was one … Read More »

How you can help Evolve to end homelessness in Croydon

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#Croydon #TechCity founder Jonny Rose throws his support behind a bold philanthropic initiative

The state of homelessness in Croydon

Whilst it’s highly-fashionable in the capital to clutch our pearls about extortionate rents and house prices, Croydon’s biggest issue – as I suggested last year – is homelessness.

Too many homeless people in Croydon are having the door slammed in their face, leaving them with nowhere … Read More »

Croydon’s street population

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Robert Ward goes datablogging again, this time crunching the numbers on our borough’s homeless people

Those of us of a certain age will remember Ralph McTell, best known for his song ‘Streets of London’. Still performing although now in his seventies, McTell, real name Ralph May, was brought up in Croydon.

I remember an interview some years ago in which it was claimed the … Read More »