Event review: Croydon’s Summer of Love Festival

Posted on June 30th, by Peter Ball with Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 2 comments

Fifty years after the Summer of Love, Croydon celebrates in Wandle Park

Croydon’s Summer of Love festival was Andrew Dickinson’s idea.

When he’s not hanging loose, he manages events in Wandle Park and organises recycling and re-use services for the borough.

He decided that Croydon should mark the anniversary by having a community festival.

On Saturday 17th June the festival commenced and some amazing … Read More »

Hoo-har at Hoodoo’s, down at Matthews Yard

Posted on March 20th, by Rob Preston in Culture. 10 comments

Is the venue that brought cool to Croydon in serious trouble?

Matthews Yard is still there. Having arrived in 2012, it’s approaching its fifth anniversary. But will it make it that far?

The place first appeared as a café with a work space, a studio space and Croydon Radio renting an HQ it could call home. Holding it up were the people of Croydon themselves, donating money … Read More »

Donald Trump and the Kingdom of Dirt: a music review

Posted on January 24th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. No Comments

It was the day the world changed, and I went a-rockin’

What to do when Trump’s inauguration is wall to wall on the news channels?

Fortunately for me, the answer was simple: head off to Hoodoo’s for a free night of rock music guaranteed to blow bad thoughts away.

Due to work and other fripperies I wasn’t able to get there in time to catch … Read More »

Event review: Miss Hope Springs plays Hoodoo’s, Saturday 22nd October

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Ty Jeffries’ alter ego, the redoubtable Miss Hope Springs, brought tears and smiles to Hoodoos

A string of show tunes play out from the speakers as we wait for the show to begin. The stage holds a keyboard draped with fairy lights, the Mayor of Croydon, Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, has been invited and his table’s at the front of the audience, laden with pretzels. Something’s gonna go down.

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Interview: Ty Jeffries

Posted on October 17th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. No Comments

Prior to the transatlantic cabaret star’s appearance at Hoodoo’s Live Music Bar, Matthews Yard, Paul Dennis chats to Miss Hope Springs’ musical director, Ty Jeffries

It was at the luxury four star hotel, The Rubens at the Palace (opposite Buckingham Palace mews), that I met Ty Jeffries, songwriter, musician, comedian, and alter ego of Miss Hope Springs. Not being familiar with the location, I arrived early and … Read More »

Event review: Hoodoo’s music venue celebrates its first birthday, Saturday 27th August

Posted on September 21st, by Katie Rose in Culture. No Comments

Katie Rose looks back at a year of creative contribution

A hoodoo (also known as a fairy chimney or earth pyramid) is a totem-shaped pillar of rock that forms in desert basins as a result of weather and rock erosion.Famous examples are found in Bryce Canyon in the US and Cappadocia, Turkey. Human imitations, known as cairns, are piles of rocks used over the centuries to mark important … Read More »

The day that ‘Sing for Water’ came to Croydon

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Katie Rose, host of Croydon’s ‘Sing for Water’ event, on why its ripples will be felt far and wide

Since 2011 I have been participating in Sing for Water, a choral movement which fundraises for WaterAid. So, having dreamed of organising a cross-choral event in Croydon, the occasion of entering my fifth decade seemed a fitting time to host ‘Water Love’, a singing fundraising party on Saturday 23rd July at … Read More »

Event review: Suburbaret at Theatre Utopia, Matthews Yard, Sunday 17th July

Posted on July 27th, by Ian Marvin in Culture. No Comments

Ian Marvin was invited to leave his carkeys in a bowl. Welcome to suburbia

Although it has been open for almost a year now, this was the first time I had visited Theatre Utopia. Of course the location was familiar as the former Matthews Yard studio space which also frequently doubles up as the venue for Croydon Tech City. I was reassured to see that my very … Read More »

“Don’t kid yourself – they’re not a ‘customer’ until the money hits the bank”: March’s Croydon Tech City

Posted on April 12th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City, Event Reviews. No Comments

#Croydon #TechCity founder Jonny Rose reports on last month’s event at Matthews Yard

March’s Croydon Tech City saw the creme of South London’s tech community pack into Hoodoos in Matthews Yard for another dose of demo, discussion and debate.

Luke Fisher, CEO of ThanksBox

First up with Luke Fisher, CEO of ThanksBox – a suite of peer-to-peer recognition tools that allow teams and coworkers to … Read More »

Event review: ‘Rum & Reggae’ at Matthews Yard, Friday 13th November

Posted on December 17th, by Katie Rose in Culture. No Comments

On a wintry Croydonian night, ‘Rum & Reggae’ is a ray of sunshine for Katie Rose

The walkway to Matthews Yard is smokin’ as the unmistakable aroma of Bobski’s Big BBQ fills the cold Croydon November air. Despite the wild wind, there is a warm glow around the Yard tonight – in keeping with the ‘Rum & Reggae’ song-shine I am here to enjoy.

Bobski is icing a … Read More »