Croydon’s new planning guidelines: great leap forward or stumble to uncertainty? (part 1)

Posted on September 19th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Not just for policy wonks – these documents will affect the lives of everyone in Croydon

Planning-development decision making in Croydon has been the subject of much controversy recently, with the apparent obsession with meeting the government’s and Mayor of London’s housing targets – regardless of the strategic policies and objectives of the Croydon Local Plan, with its detailed decision-making process.

Although the new Croydon Local Plan … Read More »

In praise of moving and opportunity

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We all love Croydon, but never inhibit yourself

It was said of 1950s California that it was the kind of place where everyone came from somewhere else. It was positive and made the traditional American conversation starter of “where you from?” more interesting. But more than just a conversation starter, movement means change and change creates opportunity: for those who leave, for the newcomers and for those … Read More »

What kind of small businesses should we be nurturing?

Posted on August 4th, by Sean Creighton in Economics & Business. 1 Comment

In a multi part series, Sean Creighton explores the state of SMEs in Croydon and whether they help or hurt the community

The interim report of the Croydon Small Business Commission submitted to the cabinet in June opens up the debate on the future of the role of small and medium size businesses (SMEs) in the local economy. It raises some important issues and makes a series … Read More »

Like talking to a Brick by Brick wall

Posted on March 10th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The cabinet’s response to important questions about the council’s new wholly-owned property company was deeply concerning

Croydon Labour wants to convince us that it does a great job running council finances. Council video clips now routinely include a reference to its financial acumen.

Unsurprising, since financial competence is a Labour weak point in the mind of the electorate. A glimpse of why was Monday 20th February’s cabinet … Read More »

A very real housing crisis

Posted on February 9th, by Alison Butler in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Labour’s Deputy Leader of Croydon Council raises the root causes behind homelessness, and what’s being done about them

Homes, homes, homes – a bit of a buzzword at the moment, with the government pledging different amounts of money for different things, or sometimes the same money for different things. However, what is lacking is the withdrawal of polices which are doing so much harm in … Read More »

Three reasons why Croydon’s naysayers won’t be satisfied anytime soon

Posted on November 14th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 5 comments

A night-time economy, housing for all, or flourishing business: you can only have one, choose wisely

Despite the breathy promises of billboard advertisements, unscrupulous life coaches, and personal development books, you can’t have it all.

The same goes for Croydon. The borough is indisputably on the up: it has become a much more exciting and vibrant place to live in the past few years. … Read More »

To whom is Brick by Brick accountable?

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Robert Ward asks: just what are Brick by Brick’s priorities?

Maybe I don’t get out enough, but Croydon Question Time at October’s meeting of Croydon Council was a highlight of my week. Passion, humour, confusion, the occasional flash of enlightenment, spiced with a dash of knockabout politics. It made for an entertaining half hour.

The mayor, councillor Trakas-Lawlor, got my man-of-the-match award for his good-humoured chairing … Read More »

Down but not out – it’s time for our borough to take a lead on homelessness

Posted on September 19th, by Pancho Lewis in Politics & Society. No Comments

Pancho Lewis is looking for Croydonian households which could take in a family that’s hit hard times

This month we’re calling on residents in Croydon borough to be part of something genuinely new and innovative. We’re on the hunt for homeowners who can act as host families for FairBnB – a scheme to tackle homelessness before it happens by harnessing goodwill.

The FairBnB concept was one … Read More »

Don’t push Croydon to the back of the housing queue

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Robert Ward warns that if Croydon’s movers and shakers make the borough too unattractive for developers, we’ll simply end up with no new housing at all

With the consultation period for the revised Croydon Local Plan just beginning, now is a good time to review where we are, starting with what we already know about the council’s thinking on housing. According to a press release from May … Read More »

Transparency, housing and the Croydon Local Plan

Posted on October 7th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Robert Ward has been doing some reading, and thinks that someone ought to explain to Croydon Council what the word ‘summary’ means

Not for the first time, ‘transparency’ was freely bandied about at a recent council meeting. This time it was during discussions on the Croydon Local Plan (CLP) in which our council sets out the long term strategy for housing. But what does the … Read More »