April in brief

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The headlines of last month, compiled into one handy article

Croydon became key election battleground

Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband and David Cameron were just three of the high-profile politicians to visit Croydon during the general election campaign. At the time of writing, the polls showed a neck-and-neck race between incumbent Conservative Gavin Barwell and Labour’s Sarah Jones. While betting markets and polling predictions narrowly … Read More »

Croydon on the climate change march, Saturday 7th March 2015

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One Saturday in March, a group of Croydonians set out to make a difference. Peter Underwood reports

On Saturday 7th March a group of Croydon residents met at East Croydon station before heading up to central London. We were on our way to join many thousands of others on a march to highlight the need for action on climate change.

We were a diverse group with … Read More »

If Henry VIII had used disposable nappies, they wouldn’t have decomposed yet

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Grace Onions, co-founder of Croydon Real Nappy Network, explains why she chose to work for change from the bottom up

“If Henry VIII had used disposable nappies, they would still be festering away somewhere, not yet decomposed.”

When I read this statement recently, it brought home to me what my work with the Croydon Real Nappy Network, which I co-founded in 2006 along with … Read More »

Print Archive: May 2014 News Magazine – Election 2014

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In an election special, the Citizen pits local leaders against each other in a battle for your vote

In local politics, this month is the big one. On 22nd May, who runs our council for the next four years will be decided. It’s likely to be a very close call; the whole election being won or lost (whatever some might protest) in a few key … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Three weeks to go

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The poll of small things: Tom Black considers the crunch points of Croydon’s local elections and cheers as Citizen contributors join battle

Holy moly, in just 21 days the polls will be open. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that I was questioning why the Tories hadn’t selected any candidates yet, asking which party would be able to capitalise … Read More »

Why I launched a legal challenge against the incinerator

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In an in-depth report, Croydon’s ‘Green Knight’ explains why he feels the planned Beddington Lane incinerator is an unacceptable threat to Croydonians’ health

In the summer of 2008, I contributed to a 5,000 word document submitted to the first public consultation organised by the South London Waste Partnership, made up of the councils of Croydon, Sutton Kingston and Merton.

In May 2013 … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Happy Blue Year?

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Croydon Conservatives are more optimistic about May’s elections than their colleagues in the European Parliament. In the first Public Gallery of 2014, Tom Black tries to find out why

What have the Conservatives got to look forward to this year?

The Conservatives tried to end 2013 on a high. And why not? They had selected a highly electable candidate for a highly safe seat in Croydon … Read More »

Shock Deferral of the Beddington Lane Incinerator: As It Happened

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Tom Black got more than he bargained for when he livetweeted last night’s planning meeting – and not just from the Stop The Incinerator campaign. Read our complete livetweet here

The atmosphere was tense last night at Sutton Civic Hall. The protest against the incinerator by the Stop The Incinerator campaign (whose arguments are partly laid out here) was a friendly but determined affair, featuring various … Read More »

The Incinerator: Smouldering Resentment

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The HPA say there are no significant risks and the planning officer report approves it. Why are so many people passionately opposed to an incinerator on the Croydon/Sutton border?

You don’t have to be an eco-warrior to think that building an incinerator on Metropolitan Open Land (effectively Green Belt) is a probably a bad idea. I’ll come clean. I think it’s a shocker. So much … Read More »