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There’s space for micro-apartments in Croydon’s housing market

Posted on May 31st, by Martin Skinner in Economics & Business. 3 comments

Can smaller apartments be acceptable living spaces? A local developer explains why he thinks that they can work for couples and singles

I recently read an article in the Croydon Citizen titled ’Do Croydon’s children and young people have enough space at home?‘, which suggests that small homes should be rejected because of the impact that they have on family life. I disagree, and I’ll explain why.

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Do Croydon’s children and young people have enough space at home?

Posted on May 4th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Some Croydon families face space restrictions described as ‘frightening’

“In cramped homes, children are stuck in hostile environments… When a child is indoors, sound reverberates off walls. Small rooms do not provide the space to make large focal changes to strengthen muscles around the eyes.”

The above quotation is from Charlotte Davies, founder and director of Croydon’s Fit2Learn company which specialises in holistic human development. It is … Read More »

Planning betrayal at Green Dragon House

Posted on April 14th, by Helen Pollard in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Conservative councillor Helen Pollard can’t see the bright side of new construction that will, for some, literally block out the sun

On 23rd March 2017, residents of Green Dragon House in my own ward of Fairfield witnessed another triumph for a property developer. Croydon Council’s planning committee approved a scheme that allowed a tower block to be built within metres of their homes, blocking light … Read More »

Instagram Croydon: the social network for Croydon’s new influencers

Posted on April 7th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Exploring the social media underground charting ‘the Croydon revolution’

Up until recently, Croydon’s social media scene was neatly compartmentalised across the ‘Big Three’ platforms.

Twitter was where you went to anonymously ruin people’s lives. Facebook was where you went to post links to your latest ‘hot take’ tacitly suggesting that everyone is a racist. LinkedIn was where you went to tell people that you’re … Read More »

Event report: the South Croydon Community Association’s Q&A on Croydon’s changing town centre

Posted on May 25th, by Charlotte Davies in Politics & Society. No Comments

Will Croydon’s future be decided by a roll of the dice? Sometimes it feels that way, says Charlotte Davies

South Croydon Community Association organised its second Question Time event at Croydon College on the evening of Thursday 14th April 2016 under the title of ‘Croydon Town Centre Is Changing: How Will It Affect You?’.

The event was sold to us as follows: ‘Croydon … Read More »