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Hope, warm-heartedness and a takeaway: the third annual interfaith symposium, Sunday 10th September

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Hindus, Christians and Muslims stood as one in a memorable exploration of faith

On a wet September evening, I find my way to the serene prayer room of the Baitus Subhan Mosque. There is a warm atmosphere of anticipation and keen conversation as people start to meet, greet and find out about each other. The event opens with stalls representing a number of community groups and a … Read More »

Mosque holds interfaith forum on religious unity

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Religion: a cause of unity or division?

The Ahmadiyya mosque in Croydon was lit up with debate Friday evening, as a public forum celebrating religious diversity and interfaith awareness took place.

The event at Baitus Subhan Mosque was attended by about thirty people, several speakers took to the podium to address religious diversity. The main event of the night were duelling addresses … Read More »

An opportunity to reach across Croydon’s faith divide

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An invitation to faith groups across Croydon to get to know one another better

The current state of the world demands that we integrate with our neighbours, understand their beliefs and way of life and accept them, so that better, stronger and more lasting bonds can be created between all groups in our society. It is for this reason that Croydon’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community organises an interfaith … Read More »

Event report: the Croydon interfaith gathering, Sunday 22nd May at the Ahmadiyya mosque, St James Road

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Rosie Edser admires the tolerance of Muslims and Christians alike as an audience member goes rogue

What does integration look like? Not being a sporting enthusiast, in my head it’s basically carrying your Oyster card (essential), library card (desirable) and Nectar card (optional). Plus not picking flowers, being homophobic or dropping litter. You don’t have to reference the queen reverently every five minutes (or re-name … Read More »