Jo Negrini

Do Croydon’s children and young people have enough space at home?

Posted on May 4th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Some Croydon families face space restrictions described as ‘frightening’

“In cramped homes, children are stuck in hostile environments… When a child is indoors, sound reverberates off walls. Small rooms do not provide the space to make large focal changes to strengthen muscles around the eyes.”

The above quotation is from Charlotte Davies, founder and director of Croydon’s Fit2Learn company which specialises in holistic human development. It is … Read More »

November 2017 in brief

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The big news stories of November 2017, summarised by the Citizen team

Croydon Council announces plans to preserve outlying town centres after the Westfield retail centre opens

It was reported in the Croydon Advertiser that Croydon Council plans to invest in Croydon’s ‘village’ centres after the Westfield complex is built in the town centre. Croydon Council chief executive Jo Negrini made the statement during questioning on the issue at the … Read More »

How I took over Croydon’s police service for a day

Posted on December 9th, by Rufus Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

What happened when Croydon’s young people stepped up into positions of responsibility?

On Friday 24th November, I was one of sixty-eight young people who took part in the Croydon Youth Takeover Challenge. The aim of this new initiative was to grant our borough’s youth the opportunity to play a part in running Croydon for the day. Job roles to be taken over included those in Croydon Police, the … Read More »

‘I would make Croydon better by’: the next stage

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It’s time to put your ideas into practice

From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing solutions to the town’s problems. So in 2014 we launched a unique, long-running campaign to publish actionable suggestions for improving the town. All that readers had to do was tell us what one way they would make Croydon better.

Submissions ranged from the … Read More »

The future of Fairfield Halls and College Green

Posted on June 14th, by Ian Marvin in Economics & Business. 5 comments

Ian Marvin wonders if all eyes are on Fairfield when they should be on the wider implications of the development

14th April presented something of a dilemma for anyone with an interest in the development of Croydon as a residential, commercial and cultural centre. Not only was there the ‘Changing the Face’ event organised under the auspices of the RSA (in full, the … Read More »

Croydon town centre is changing: how will it affect you?

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Robert Ward was impressed by the SCCA’s question time event on the upcoming disruption in Croydon

Sitting in the audience at the ‘question time’ meeting organised by South Croydon Community Association (SCCA), I was reminded of the saying ‘everyone wants progress but nobody wants change’. In recent times progress has passed Croydon by, to our cost. Now that change looms ever closer, it is perhaps … Read More »

Empty chairs and serious concerns at the Save Our Fairfield Halls meeting

Posted on April 13th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 5 comments

More than 150 people recently turned out to discuss the controversial refurbishment plans for the Fairfield Halls. Robert Ward attended, and wishes that Croydon Council had been there too

A packed Arnhem Gallery heard the latest from the Save Our Fairfield Halls campaign in its battle to change Croydon Council’s plan to close the Fairfield completely for two years for major refurbishment. The campaign does … Read More »

New plans announced for College Green in central Croydon

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Croydon-based consultancy Mott MacDonald and architects Rick Mather, renowned for working on some of the biggest theatres in the country, is to oversee the design of the redevelopment of College Green, at the heart of which will be Fairfield Halls.

Release begins: Mott MacDonald, of Sydenham Road, has been appointed as the lead consultant for the project, which promises to breathe new life into Croydon’s cultural offer.

Rick Mather … Read More »

Croydon seeks Autumn Statement boost from George Osborne

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Croydon is pitching for George Osborne to grant the borough a funding boost when he delivers his Autumn Statement on Wednesday 3rd December. 

Release begins:

The borough has written to the Chancellor asking for “devolved” powers allowing the borough to reinvest business rates, stamp duty and new homes bonus to allow the town to fulfil its potential.

Jo Negrini, the borough’s executive director of development … Read More »

Develop Croydon hosts conference to discuss how the expansion of Gatwick could benefit Croydon

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The potential of a second runway at Gatwick Airport, intended to bring thousands of new jobs and added prosperity to Croydon, will be discussed at the fifth Develop Croydon Conference on Tuesday 25th November. 

The event will bring together many of the borough’s key public and private sector decision makers. Croydon Council has already come out firmly in support of expansion at Gatwick while a survey of … Read More »