Julian Speroni

Yannick attacks and Aussie rules as Eagles grind out key victory

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Nadim Lilani is in buoyant mood. He reviews Palace’s first league victory at Selhurst Park this season, which catapulted the team to their highest league position since 1997

Crystal Palace 2-0 Leicester City

For three quarters of an hour on Saturday, Crystal Palace played like the champions of Spain. Resilient rear-guard action: check. Midfield dominance: check. Maximum exploitation of set-piece opportunities: check.

All of the … Read More »

Sentiment aside, Julian Speroni deserves a new contract as Palace’s number one goalkeeper

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Matt Woosnam suggests that Julian Speroni still has an important role to play in the Crystal Palace squad. Read Tom Lickley’s counter here

It is almost eleven years since a pony-tailed goalkeeper from Dundee named Julian Speroni first walked through the doors at Crystal Palace, and not many have been as loyal or as integral to the relative success of the club during their time … Read More »

It’s time to move on, but thank you, Julian Speroni

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Tom Lickley suggests it may be time for Crystal Palace fans to let go of the club legend. Read Matt Woosnam’s riposte here

Travel back in time, if you will, to a sunny Saturday afternoon in August 2004. Having surged towards the playoffs and clinched promotion in stunning fashion the previous season, Crystal Palace fans had settled into their seats for the first home game … Read More »

Review: Speroni’s Restaurant

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Anne Giles discovers the culinary delights of the Mediterranean at a restaurant owned by Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni

Speroni’s Restaurant, 4 Tudor Court, Russell Hill Road, Purley CR8 2LA
Time from East Croydon   15 minutes

My husband and I decided to try this one out, having read about it in one of our local newspapers. It is owned by Julian Speroni, of the Crystal … Read More »