Digging into the past: a vintage poster with local roots

Posted on February 27th, by Andrew Dickinson in History. No Comments

A local man who became a propaganda legend is remembered…

Wandle Park recently partnered with the Kenley Revival Project to host a World War Two poster-making workshop, using vintage posters from the period as inspiration. Well-known classic designs such as ‘Dig For Victory’, ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ and ‘The Walls Have Ears’ all featured.

Much fun was had by all – and some good new examples … Read More »

The real Crexit

Posted on June 22nd, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Croydon’s local divisions are both more interesting and more revealing than the national debate, says James Naylor

First: an apology. You may well be sick of referendum coverage by now. Misleading slogans, misused patriotism, the fears of immigration or economic collapse stoked by an apparently endless army of columnists, and every day a fresh lineup of experts from some field or another telling you that … Read More »

Reach for the sky, Mr Gove

Posted on January 24th, by Matthew Doyle in History. 10 comments

Local historian Matthew Doyle highlights the importance of Croydon’s role defending London during the Battle of Britain

I like Michael Gove. People of my age do. He is proof that Joe 90 grew up and became Secretary of State for Education. For sure, he has lit the debate surrounding the centenary of the Great War (that’s the first one for today’s #yoof). Like it or … Read More »