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Moving forward: Croydon’s Cultural Vision 2018 reflects on Borough of Culture loss

Posted on March 27th, by Holly Bernstein in Culture. No Comments

“With or without the money, Croydon will move forward”

A panel is setting its sights forward after Croydon lost the bid to become London’s first Borough of Culture in 2019.

The London Borough of Culture award was a new initiative launched by the Mayor Sadiq Khan in June 2017. The award offered more than £1m of funding to two winning boroughs, Waltham Forest for 2019 … Read More »

Warhol Month event review: Andy Warhol Changed The World at the Spread Eagle pub theatre

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The chance to learn about modern art, for free, from experts. That’s Croydon’s Warhol Month

To celebrate Croydon’s Warhol Month, there’s a packed programme of events with many talks, walks and Warhol-inspired works of art splattered around Croydon. The month of activities marks thirty years since the death of the famous American artist. After finishing my pleasant meal at the Spread Eagle pub, I marched upstairs then … Read More »

Warhol Month event review: Warhol After Dark, the guided walk

Posted on September 26th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 3 comments

An art adventure by night on the streets of Croydon town centre

Another day, another remarkable Andy Warhol-themed event as part of Croydon’s superb Warhol Month. The festival, which marks thirty years since the death of the artist, has been running throughout September and has included talks, exhibits, workshops and film screenings. It’s the brainchild of Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, founder of RISE Gallery in St George’s Walk, who … Read More »

Warhol Month event review: the guided art walk

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A walk on the wild artistic side in Croydon Town Centre

September is Warhol Month in Croydon. It marks the thirtieth anniversary of the death of artist Andy Warhol with a whole series of events that includes lectures, film screenings, workshops, Warhol-inspired walking tours and cocktails – yes, cocktails – to celebrate the big man’s work. One hundred and fourteen events in total.

And – get this. … Read More »

A beginner’s guide to Croydon’s street art

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A newcomer to the street art of Croydon gets up-to-speed with the help of Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison

Recently hailed as ‘the new capital of street art’ by the Evening Standard, it seems that word of the flourishing arts scene that Croydon locals are so familiar with is spreading.

My current knowledge of street art (worryingly) comes largely from my Telegraph-reading mother (the life and works of Mr … Read More »

October news in brief

Posted on November 9th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The Citizen team compiles some of the noteworthy events of October into one handy page

‘Jeremy the stag’ successfully rehomed in ‘secret location’

Local celebrity Jeremy, a red deer stag who found himself trapped in Park Hill Park after railway workers shooed him from the line near East Croydon, has been confirmed to be alive and well. The stag’s sudden disappearance last month led to some … Read More »

How Croydon’s grass roots art scene bloomed

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Grass roots artistic revivals, like that in Croydon’s new arts quarter, are part of a proud tradition, says Sean Creighton

The Damien Hirst artworks on show in Croydon have been brought to us by Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison of the RISE gallery in St George’s Walk. He has shown that those involved in art can bring high priced items to those without the money to pay to … Read More »

Good vibrations in the Cronx

Posted on July 20th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. 1 Comment

Croydon keeps it real in a city increasingly set apart from the everyday world, says Lauren Furey

London is coming to be viewed as a millionaire playboy’s paradise. Wealthy Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes have flocked to the capital to buy up luxury properties, clubs, restaurants and new housing developments, pricing more and more medium to low income londoners into the suburbs. London’s … Read More »

Minimal graffiti

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From graffiti to street art: Andrew Dickinson has noticed a welcome change in Croydon

Graffiti once seemed omnipresent and unstoppable, and tackling it was a significant, costly issue, so where has all Croydon’s graffiti gone? It used to be that wherever you looked there was a squiggle – or tag, to give it its proper name. On bus shelters, post boxes, doors and walls, it … Read More »

Inclusive art for all: Art Halo project launches at RISE gallery

Posted on March 12th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. No Comments

Who will be Croydon’s next big artist? Bernadette Fallon explains how it could be you

RISE gallery in Croydon has done many good things during its short time in the borough. Since its opening last October, owner Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison has created an art space Croydon can be proud of, showcasing doyens of the art world like Banksy and Damien Hirst alongside up-and-coming artists and graduates … Read More »