Crowdfunding our way to a better Croydon

Posted on August 14th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 2 comments

Jonny Rose’s feature-length submission to our ‘I would make Croydon better by…’ series

Often the difference between an idea articulated and an idea realised is money.

Croydonians are filled with great ideas that can make Croydon a better place, but often are hampered by a lack of means to make the idea a reality. Perhaps crowdfunding is a way forward.

What is crowdfunding?

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Art, fun and public space in Croydon: the adventure continues at Putt Putt #2

Posted on August 13th, by Tom Winter in Culture. No Comments

Tom Winter plays crazy golf like you’ve never seen it before

On a warm Friday evening in early July following a tiring day at work, I find myself coasting on my bicycle down to the opening of Turf Project’s Putt Putt #2 interactive art installation near East Croydon station. Having successfully gained funding earlier in the year through Arts Council England, Stanhope Schroder, Kickstarter and supportive … Read More »

#Croydon #TechCity startup runs Kickstarter campaign for Raspberry Pi add-on board

Posted on April 23rd, by CronxWire in CronxWire. No Comments

#Croydon #TechCity company ‘Noisepower’ has launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop an add-on board for the increasingly popular credit-card sized ‘Raspberry Pi’ hobby computer.

Release begins: Paschal Egan, electronics engineer for Noisepower said “We were really excited by Raspberry Pie, the new low cost, £25 computer aimed at schools and hobbyist. But, we thought, what we really want is a way to control things in the real world, … Read More »

The wisdom (and money) of the crowds comes to Croydon

Posted on April 16th, by Paul Scully in Economics & Business. No Comments

Ahead of tomorrow’s #Croydon #TechCity financial tech event, Paul Scully explains Croydon’s role in P2P lending’s history

Investment is key to every business, be it a start-up or a multinational. Yet sourcing and securing it remain key inhibiting factors for growth. Through the internet, crowd sourcing has quickly started to take shape as a possible solution. Websites like Kickstarter provide an answer for the problem … Read More »