Love Croydon, hate gluten? Here’s where to eat

Posted on August 18th, by Andy Ellis in Culture. 1 Comment

Andy Ellis’s essential guide to coeliac Croydon

Let’s begin with a few words about gluten. It is a mix of proteins found in wheat, rye, oats and barley and, by extension, common foods such as bread, cakes and beer. It also finds its way into numerous processed and packaged items. To avert a common misconception, gluten does not occur in corn, maize, rice, buckwheat or nuts.

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Restaurant review: Lazzari’s, Morland Road

Posted on April 6th, by Sarah Timms in Culture. 3 comments

Addiscombe resident Sarah Timms finds a little gem just around the corner

1 Dartnell Road, Croydon, CR0 7JB

Time from East Croydon: 15 minutes / 5 minutes 197


Perched on the corner of Dartnell Road and Morland Road in Addiscombe is a small café called Lazzari’s. It’s Italian, a family-run affair, and has been open for four years.

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