Left wing

Why is the Citizen so left wing?

Posted on October 23rd, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 11 comments

Editorial team member Tom Black has started to wonder if there’s something about the Citizen that attracts those on the left

A spectre is haunting Croydon. The spectre of left-leaning community news magazines.

There are those who feel that the Croydon Citizen is a ‘left wing rag’.

There are those who won’t pick it up because they think that the temple logo makes it look religious. … Read More »

How to spot a troll

Posted on July 16th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 9 comments

As the AGM of the beleaguered Croydon Communities Consortium approaches, Robert Ward has some advice for people who come under attack from trolls

Sean Creighton wrote recently of how social media can stifle debate and help destroy community. Sean and the Croydon Communities Consortium seem to have been targets. The perpetrators are known as trolls.

I’ve never met one, but might not … Read More »