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Event review: Croydon Community Choir’s Midwinter Music

Posted on December 16th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

How we held a pagan midwinter-fest in Matthews Yard

It’s no coincidence that Croydon started seriously getting its act together around 2013. That was the year we held our first Heritage Festival. I found myself thinking about this as I joined a small group of community singers in Matthews Yard at 7:00pm on Monday 5th December, and making some interesting connections.

I believe that the regenerative … Read More »

How we founded Croydon’s first rooftop community garden

Posted on July 22nd, by Joyce Veheary in Politics & Society. No Comments

Joyce Veheary, founder of the Lend and Tend garden sharing project, welcomes a chance to go green and grow amidst the concrete

Living in Croydon as a teenager, I couldn’t see beyond the featureless fields that surrounded the town. Thirteen years later (one of the joys of being a ‘renty-something’ is as many house moves under my belt) and I’m back in the borough. Now … Read More »

How London-wide garden sharing initiative, Lend and Tend, ran Grow Well, Feel Well Day in central Croydon

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On Saturday 9th July, the Lend and Tend project organised a day of activities and information to encourage Croydonians to share gardens and grow their own food.

Release begins: Grow Well, Feel Well Day was held on Saturday 9th July on the roof of Fairfield Halls NCP carpark, on Hazledean Road, transformed for the day into Croydon’s only rooftop community garden with activities for all … Read More »