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Press for progress: how Croydon celebrated Women’s History Month

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Events brought together performers, speakers, musicians, and politicians

March is Women’s History Month. The theme for International Women’s Day, which fell on 8th March, was Press for Progress, as 2018 marks the 100-year anniversary since women first got the right to vote in the United Kingdom.

Croydon has hosted a range of events celebrating both Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

On 7th … Read More »

Lives Not Knives provides young people guidance as knife crime surges

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David Marino Jr reports on what the local activism group is doing as knife-related crime sees a spike

With official figures showing that knife-related violence is on the rise in London and England as a whole, one group is taking to Croydon’s schools and beyond with a bold message.

Lives Not Knives started as simple words on a T-shirt in 2007 created by then-14-year-old Eliza Rebeiro. … Read More »

The dilemma of knife crime in Croydon

Posted on September 19th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Why does this happen in our town, and what can be done to prevent it?

The Croydon campaign group, Lives Not Knives, states on its website that one in twenty knife crimes in London occurs in Croydon. Sarah Jones, the new MP for Croydon Central, is to be congratulated for her initiative in establishing the All-Party Parliamentary Group on knife crime. Steve Reed, … Read More »

Your invitation to be part of Croydon’s first festival of peace

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We’re crowd-funding a peace celebration for Croydon next summer – who wants to be part of it?

In June 2018, we’re inviting everyone in Croydon to be involved in a cross-cultural, cross-arts, interfaith celebration of peace. As the world remembers the centenary of the end of the First World War, we can make a powerful, colourful, vibrant declaration of peace.

In the words of Father John … Read More »

Good vibrations in the Cronx

Posted on July 20th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. 1 Comment

Croydon keeps it real in a city increasingly set apart from the everyday world, says Lauren Furey

London is coming to be viewed as a millionaire playboy’s paradise. Wealthy Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes have flocked to the capital to buy up luxury properties, clubs, restaurants and new housing developments, pricing more and more medium to low income londoners into the suburbs. London’s … Read More »

Upcycling Cardboard with Lives Not Knives, on Saturday 20th June: an event for London Technology Week

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Croydon-based charity Lives Not Knives is hosting an event for London Technology Week. Upcycling Cardboard, to held on Saturday 20th June, aims to bring technology and cardboard together in creative ways for all to enjoy. 

Release begins: Google has kindly sent us some Google cardboard virtual reality goggles – we have tested these out in the LNK unit and they are definitely lots of fun and an experience not … Read More »

20 reasons why Croydon isn’t boring

Posted on April 15th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. 9 comments

Bernadette Fallon isn’t bored with Croydon – not a bit of it. Here’s why

There’s been a bit of dissent recently. Disgruntled rumblings around the esteemed – albeit virtual – corridors of the Croydon Citizen. Croydon is boring, they say. Dull. With boring people.

Well. I beg to differ. And I’d like to shout it loud and shout it proud – 20 reasons why Croydon isn’t boring!

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Tech City: the educators

Posted on March 10th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. 1 Comment

Bernadette Fallon meets the people delivering tech skills to Croydon’s future workforce

Tomorrow’s jobs will be different from many of today’s. Teaching the skills that tomorrow’s workforce will need is a vital part of making Croydon an attractive location for digital companies and equipping young Croydonians with the knowledge and confidence to start businesses of their own.

So I was fascinated to meet three of the people involved.

Margaret … Read More »

Gentrification and the heart of Croydon

Posted on December 16th, by Lauren Furey in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Is Croydon in danger of losing its heart and heritage? Lauren Furey gives her view

Gentrification has come to be an ugly word for London and its thirty-two boroughs. It represents a chasm of change in which pubs become restaurants, clubs become flats and houses become offices. The new builds, with their glossy finishes, sharp designs and attached cafés and ‘express’ shops, have tarnished the … Read More »

Event review: Terriers at Fairfield Halls

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Shaniqua Benjamin explains the important message behind a play at Fairfield Halls

“You give a boy a gun and he feels mighty”. This simple yet powerful statement from Terriers sums up the actions carried out by so many young men embroiled in gang culture. It is also a raw truth that was a running thread throughout the hard-hitting production, which arrived in Croydon for the first time on … Read More »