Living Wage

Being priced out of the Croydon job market

Posted on June 21st, by Michael Swadling in Economics & Business. No Comments

What’s wrong with paying the living wage in Croydon?

Many of us are used to buying and selling goods on eBbay and similar sites. You will have bid, suggested or offered a price, you will have agreed the price. As the buyer, would you have wanted the council to come in and tell you that price is wrong and you have to pay more? As the seller … Read More »

Croydon Central MP responds to Living Wage criticism

Posted on November 19th, by Gavin Barwell in Politics & Society. No Comments

Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell responds to Cllr Jamie Audsley’s article on winning “the REAL Living Wage!”

I read Cllr Jamie Audsley’s article about the living wage with interest. I share his passion to end poverty pay in Croydon – and not just in Croydon, throughout our country. However, I found his article both partisan and over-simplistic.

Let’s deal with the accusation of partisanship first. Despite … Read More »

Let’s get organised to win the REAL Living Wage!

Posted on November 9th, by Jamie Audsley in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Jamie Audsley has seen what can be achieved with successful community organising. Now he wants to end poverty pay in Croydon

Poverty wages are affecting the future success and happiness of Croydon’s children. This should concern us all, whether we have kids of our own or not. I remember all too clearly my feelings of anger and frustration eight years ago, when I was a … Read More »