Margaret Thatcher

In what sense, if at all, is Croydon a community – and are you even a part of it?

Posted on July 11th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 13 comments

Jonny Rose strikes at the heart of the Croydon Citizen by questioning whether ‘community’ exists in the borough

‘Community’ – like charidee and diversity – is one of those words that we all are guilty of using without thinking critically about what it actually means.

To speak of ‘community’ makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is an unassailable good, and something that … Read More »

Industrial heritage on the banks of the Wandle

Posted on October 20th, by Sean Creighton in History. 1 Comment

Sean Creighton tells the story of the river Wandle past and present

6th July last year saw the Wandle Park Revival Community Day celebrating the regeneration of this Croydon park. This followed work on the restoration of the River Wandle, which was broken out from a concrete culvert beneath the park. Now it’s the turn of the nearby Waddon Ponds to have money spent on … Read More »

Political Croydon: The Eighties

Posted on October 9th, by David White in Politics & Society. No Comments

In the third instalment of his political journey through the decades, David White remembers the Croydon shaped by Thatcher, Bowness and Livingstone

The 1980s. The era of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev; the Falklands War and the fall of the Berlin Wall; privatisation and council house sales; “Loadsamoney” and “no such thing as society”; the miners’ strike and the poll tax.

Politics … Read More »

Political Croydon: The Seventies

Posted on June 4th, by David White in History. 1 Comment

David White continues his decade-by-decade look at Croydon’s politics by taking us into the era of Heath, the Winter of Discontent, and the last time we had a referendum on Europe

The ’70s are often thought of as a period of political conflict and lack of progress. It was a decade which saw four general elections and four prime ministers.

However, there was more to the … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Will our local election be decided nationally?

Posted on April 3rd, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 3 comments

As the Croydon Conservatives take flak for not releasing a manifesto yet, Tom Black explores how much the outcome of May’s local elections will depend on what both parties do in Croydon

The theory

For a long time now, I’ve been commenting cryptically that ‘the next local election may be decided nationally’. This is based on the idea that a large proportion of voters … Read More »

The Public Gallery: What Croydon’s politicians could learn from Boris Johnson

Posted on March 13th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 3 comments

This week, Britain’s favourite politician visited Croydon. Wading through the controversy, Tom Black ponders whether our local councillors and hopefuls could take a few lessons from ‘BoJo’

Boris Johnson is often described as, among other things, ‘a legend’. This week, the legend landed in Croydon. There was some controversy over the circumstances – the event at which he was speaking has a £10 … Read More »

Counterfactual Croydon: #OccupyCroydon

Posted on January 14th, by Tom Black in History. No Comments

After speculating about the defence of Croydon against the Wehrmacht and imagining a Croydon-centric atmospheric railway, Tom Black explores the possibilities of Croydon’s financial sector

The following is a work of speculative historical fiction. For narrative purposes it is written as though it actually happened. 

The camp in Exchange Square has become a popular destination for tourists and well-wishers. I’ve been walking past it … Read More »