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May 2018 in brief

Posted on June 14th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big news stories of May 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

The Croydon Partnership announced Waitrose and John Lewis as anchor stores in the proposed new Croydon Westfield retail development

On 31st May the Croydon Partnership confirmed that a four-level John Lewis store and a Waitrose will be the ‘anchor’ stores in its proposed town centre Westfield retail centre.

Work on the centre is set to begin in 2019. Councillor Alison Butler, … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2018 review: Richard DeDomenici’s American Assassin Redux

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A fast’n’dirty visit to key Croydon film locations, plus a chance to recreate the action

Croydon has a great history of providing film locations, and I’m sure that there have been tours pointing them out in the past. However, performance artist Richard DeDomenici brought rather more to the party than a simple urban hike.

The evening was part of the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre, which … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2018 review: Land of Nod by Parabolic Theatre

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Parabolic Theatre’s latest piece of dramatic immersion is dark, complex and leaves you wanting more

This is not the Land of Nod that you slip into after an over-indulgent Sunday roast on the sofa in front of Antiques Roadshow, or the sort that sees you through the night in your comfy bed after a long, hard day at work. Far from it. This is a dark and immersive Land … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2018 review: My Feminist Boner

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A poignant, funny take on the trials and tribulations of being a woman

“Look at me, don’t look at me, look at me, don’t look at me.” These are the words left ringing in your ears after watching Sarah Blanc’s high-octane performance of the comedy My Feminist Boner. The play was performed to a game bunch of Croydonistas inside Matthews Yard. Where else could you get away … Read More »

Review: The Village, Maternal Mental Health Week at Matthews Yard, Wednesday 2nd May

Posted on May 8th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Sisters are naming it for themselves – Croydon Cycle Theatre looks at the reality of birth and new motherhood

We always live in modern times. When my babies were born in 2001 and 2003, the world was packed with awesome inventions and bristled with cutting-edge tech. Transformed by fresh insights, we scorned the hidebound ways of the past.

Except that my phone was a Nokia. My … Read More »

Croydon’s Cycle Theatre marks Maternal Mental Health Week by Screaming With Laughter

Posted on April 30th, by Vanessa Hammick in Culture. 1 Comment

Let’s repair this hole in our healthcare, says comedian Hatty Ashdown

When she is not presenting her show on Resonance FM or penning sitcoms, comedian Hatty Ashdown runs Screaming With Laughter, which allow parents to bring babies to daytime comedy gigs that are just like evening ones. From the adult-only content to the pub setting and alcohol on hand, they are a million miles away from regular … Read More »

What is an Asset of Community Value and does it even matter?

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Local community hubs are right to celebrate securing ‘ACV status’, but it’s not a silver bullet

There has been plenty of talk about Assets of Community Value (ACV) in Croydon in recent months and with it, lots of confusion. As someone who was instrumental in pulling together the ACV nomination for the building at 5–9 Surrey Street and who supported the subsequent nomination of the premises occupied … Read More »

London Borough of Culture 2019: why Croydon didn’t win

Posted on March 8th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 2 comments

One reason stood out straight away

We’re disappointed – the London Evening Standard had us as second favourites to win – but we rallied quickly. The creative community of Croydon is positive and resilient. On the day that the result of the competition to be London’s first Borough of Culture was announced, council leader Tony Newman tweeted: “congrats to the winners and I guess we remain ‘The Alternative Borough … Read More »

Croydon and the battle to be London Borough of Culture

Posted on February 28th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. 1 Comment

We didn’t win, but we’ve plenty to be proud of

So, Croydon did not win the title of London’s first Borough of Culture. But we can most definitely hold our heads high with the sense of pride and honour that comes from having fought the good fight.

Croydon has changed dramatically in recent years. In fact, it’s the reason that Croydon made a bid for London … Read More »

Why do Croydonians still commute to work?

Posted on February 6th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 9 comments

Cast off the chains of commuting and work from London’s most exciting borough

Every year, 22 million people enter and exit the East Croydon station (that’s over 70,000 daily) and this number is set to grow as more and more people make the welcome decision to move to London’s most exciting borough. As the trend continues, perhaps it’s time for Croydonians to consider alternatives: namely, work … Read More »