MIND in Croydon

Event review: Keeping Calm in Croydon at the Croydon Literary Festival

Posted on September 14th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. No Comments

Croydon’s first literary festival was the scene of a thought-provoking session on mental well-being

September 2017 is proving especially good for seeing Croydon at its best. The month-long Warhol Croydon event and the first Croydon Literary Festival together have really been putting our town on the map.

Croydon’s inaugural literary festival was a day-long event held on Saturday 9th September in the David Lean Cinema in … Read More »

Why I’m running the London Marathon for MIND in Croydon

Posted on February 1st, by Tommy Newman in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

One Croydonian is putting on his running shoes to support mental health and well-being in the local community

“How are you today?”. “Good”. “OK”. “Fine”, comes the expected reply. But this week, it’s time to consider probing a bit further if you think that might not be the case.

That’s because Thursday 2nd February is Time to Talk Day, an annual day led by mental health charity … Read More »

Mental health, loneliness and the needs of Croydon

Posted on May 18th, by Richard Pacitti in Politics & Society. No Comments

Richard Pacitti, director of Croydon Mind, looks at one mental health project that made a difference to vulnerable people

Like most people working in mental health, I was pleased by the government’s announced allocation of another billion pounds to mental health services. But, like many others, I was also concerned that the money should be spent in a way that would have the most positive … Read More »

How ‘five a day for the mind’ can help Croydonians to combat depression

Posted on April 19th, by Sarah Strong in Politics & Society. No Comments

There’s help available in our borough for mental health difficulties. But what happens next, and how do we keep ourselves well? Sarah Strong of Croydon Depression Alliance makes some suggestions

You’re anxious, depressed, isolated. Who do you tell? Where can you go? What can you do about it? Where do you even start?

MIND UK estimates that one in four people will have a … Read More »