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The Museum of Croydon’s centenary commemorations: First World War hospitals and Wallacefield

Posted on July 11th, by Emily Lansell in History. 1 Comment

How Croydon’s volunteers did their bit for the borough’s war effort

Within the collections at the Museum of Croydon there is a wonderful set of postcards depicting hospitals set up for injured soldiers and sailors in the First World War.

The postcards show the six borough schools which were designated as hospitals during the war, which included Davidson, Ecclesbourne, Ingram and Stanford Road schools, as well … Read More »

Croydon’s Peace Festival: a review

Posted on July 4th, by Myra Rademacher in Culture. No Comments

Borough residents define peace in many ways. How do you define peace in your life?

An age-old question: how do we achieve world peace? There has been a week in Croydon focused on exploring this question, in dozens of events dedicated to discussions of peace. People from across the borough came together in community forums and gatherings to share what peace is to them, in both their … Read More »

Review: Croydon Peace Festival 2018 – Who Keeps The Peace?

Posted on June 27th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. 3 comments

A new exhibition by local photographer Rob Wilson Jnr, running in the Museum of Croydon until 15th July, asks what does peace look like?

“Insightful.” “Inspiring.” “Power to the people.” “The peace that comes from inside.”

These were some of the comments heard around the entrance space to the Museum of Croydon in the Clocktower earlier this week. The occasion was the soft launch of Croydon … Read More »

Historical heroines: meeting Croydon’s suffragettes and suffragists

Posted on January 31st, by Sean Creighton in History. 1 Comment

Many forgotten names from the female suffrage movement resided in Croydon

It’s time to remember the brave women of Croydon who fought so tirelessly for universal suffrage. 6th February 2018 is the 100th anniversary of parliament finally acceding to giving women the vote in elections. This important event in the history of democracy in Britain is also important for the Townswomen’s Guilds across the country, which were … Read More »

This is Croydon

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Posts on Instagram using #croydonis are being featured as part of an exhibition called ‘What is Croydon?’ at the Museum of Croydon

A while ago I was sat in my classroom in Italy, telling my tutor about where I was born, Croydon. I told him that it was the biggest borough in London by population, that the town is one of the mostly highly sought after office … Read More »

The talented Pethericks and their family album

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An album in the Museum of Croydon is rich with forgotten gems of Croydon’s cultural history

The talents of the Petherick family are currently on display in the Museum of Croydon’s ‘The Petherick Family Album’ exhibition at Croydon Clocktower. The display includes family items in the Croydon Art Collection.

Born in 1839 Horace William Petherick was an artist, musician and writer. His five daughters were talented … Read More »

Launching ‘I would make Croydon better by: The Collected Ideas’

Posted on February 13th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

More than 50 ideas, 30 guests – and one pocket-sized book about making Croydon a better place

The next stage of ‘I would make Croydon better by’ was unveiled in December last year. The submitted ideas were to be collated, published in book form, and then presented to various influential individuals and organisations in Croydon. We are very pleased to announce that on 26th January 2017, in … Read More »

Rainbows Across Borders LGBT Asylum Seekers Choir leads the way at Croydon’s first PrideFest

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Katie Rose talks to members of Croydon’s Rainbows Across Borders choir as it prepares to celebrate LGBT identity on Sunday 28th August

Croydon is preparing to celebrate its first PrideFest, to be held in Surrey Street on Sunday 28th August. I visited Rainbows Across Borders, Croydon’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) asylum seekers chorus, whose members will be leading the parade along with Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, Croydon’s first … Read More »

If you’ve not heard of Croydon artist Evacustus Phipson, you’ve missed out

Posted on April 4th, by Tony Skrzypczyk in Culture. No Comments

A radical watercolour painter? Croydon had one of those, says Tony Skrzypczyk

On Thursday 3rd March I took part in a ninety minute guided walk in the centre of Croydon to look at the sites of some of the works of Evacustes Arthur Phipson, a little-known but prolific watercolour painter of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It was led by Emily Lansell, collections officer, and … Read More »

How Club Soda Croydon brings sparkle to disability arts culture

Posted on May 30th, by Oliver Tipper in Culture. No Comments

Club Soda started as a night club, and ended up as so much more. Oliver Tipper tells the story of an artists’ collective with a difference

On the evening of Tuesday 20th May, I was proud to be present at the opening of an exhibition of art at Croydon Clocktower in Katharine Street. The artists’ collective is called Pop Artists, and all its members have learning disabilities.

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